Sunday, February 7, 2016

Action-packed #KittenBowl #SundaySelfie

In honor of today's Kitten Bowl, Faraday's showing you a few of his best game-day moves:





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Sunday's Shelter Sweetie: Rusty

"Hi there! My name is Rusty, and it's nice to meet you.

As a handsome orange and white gentleman, I found myself here at Great Plains SPCA after my previous owners could not keep me any more.

They brought me and my brother here so that we could find our forever homes. But my brother got very sick and passed away. It made me very sad because I miss him so much."

"Now I'm even more determined to find my family, because I'm all alone now, and I think I need someone I can be a companion to.

I'm a rather shy guy ... when you come see me, I might be playing peek-a-boo under my covers. But when you open my kennel door, you'll see that I really do enjoy the attention humans can give.

I just love to be petted! It's just that things have been a little hard lately, with so much change. I would love for you to come meet me and see if we would be a good match.

All I ask for is that you be patient with me when you bring me home - it may take me a few days to get the hang of things.

Does that sound like a plan?
I promise you won't lack for friendship, companionship or cuddles...

Hopeful purrs, Rusty"

Rusty's available today at the Merriam Campus of Great Plains SPCA.



Saturday, February 6, 2016

Maxwell Update + Vimtag Winner

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers for Maxie yesterday as he had his annual dental cleaning.

Unlike us humans, a feline dental is usually done under anesthesia, so it's a bit more involved and causes a bit more concern than a human's trip to the dentist!

And this time, it became especially worrisome when we received a call after they had Maxie anesthetized and began to see exactly what they were dealing with.

Maxwell has a condition our veterinarian is convinced was exacerbated by Maxie's poor health as a kitten. Although veterinary medicine has been unable to prove the link between chronic respiratory infections and stomatitis, our doctor has seen far too many to believe it's mere coincidence.

And Maxwell had it all as a kitten: he fought respiratory infections, calicivirus and kennel cough, along with all the ear issues we recently told you about.

Allie: Hrmpf. I had to endure the vet yesterday too, but no one's asking how I fared! I think I'll just leave.

Some day, our boy will be completely toothless. Yesterday, he lost three more. (they wanted to take 4 teeth, but decided to wait and watch the fourth one.)

And two of them were A Big Deal.

The left lower fang (or canine) had severe bone erosion and had abscessed. Despite Marty's persistent attempts to argue for keeping it, eventually he was even convinced it had to come out.

Maxie, this morning. He's on buprenorphine for pain, but otherwise acting like his usual cheerful self.

Taking a lower canine in a feline can be a very challenging thing, and can end with a fractured jaw. Just ask CHo over at Naked and Hungry blog - it happened to her "naked" sphynx cat Jake when the last of his teeth came out.

Our veterinarian, Dr. Eberhardy, told us late yesterday afternoon that Maxie had provided his dental challenge for the month - he said he was sweating bullets during the careful procedure ... but all went well.

The other Big Deal was the big molar in the back. Historically, we've had issues with these incisions getting infected in Faraday and Allie, so we're watching it carefully.

All 3 teeth were on Maxie's lower left side, so he's pretty bare over there now!

How's he feeling? We'll let him tell you himself. ;-)

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Rafflecopter has spoken, and the winner is:

Concatulations to Sharla, Angel and Isabella over at Beaded Tail!