Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Making of a Reporter: Cat Art Hop

How did we create last Sunday's "Faraday the Intrepid Reporter," anyway?

It's a technique known as compositing.

 The first thing we did was search for a fedora on Flickr that had a Creative Commons 3.0 license with permission to alter the photo. We did this by using Flickr's advanced search option, scrolling down to the bottom and selecting this:

Once we had our hat (yeah, some guy was wearing it), we cut it out using Photoshop's lasso tool. Then we had to find a photo of Faraday that looked like it was shot from a similar angle as the guy wearing the hat.


Then - yeah, you guessed it - we cut Faraday out. Now we have Faraday in one layer and the Fedora in another.

We created the PRESS card by freeforming a white card (lasso+fill) into a new layer and using the "create warped text" option in Photoshop's type tool:

The pencil and his notepad (made same as the press card) went into their own layers.

For the background, we searched google for free clipart of the U.S. then used a woodgrain image to create the paneled walls and shaded rectangles of various shades of blue to create the news desk behind him.

(If it looks familiar, that's because we used SNL's Weekend Update set as our inspiration!)

One way to add a bit more believability and depth to a composite image like this one is to add shadows. Here, Faraday's hat has its own shadow, as do the notepad and pencil.

In all, the Photoshop file ended up 11 layers deep.  Whewwwwww!

To view more Cat Art fun, join the Cat Art Hop at this link here!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Fangs on Friday

A new series of photos for 2014, inspired by our Fearless Feline, Maxwell. 



Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wednesday's Waif: Rita Delight

But wait - it's Thursday.
You caught us.

With all the craziness going on, we were unable to make Rita's post happen before now.
And she so deserves the exposure - and a forever home!

Please read on to hear about this lovely girl's story:

"Hello my future forever family! My name is Rita Delight, and I am so happy you took the time to read a little more about me.

I am a medium haired grey and buff female kitty who is declawed on my front paws. I came here to Wayside because my previous person passed away. I have really enjoyed my time here at Wayside but I am ready to find my new forever home, and I am hoping that home will be with you.

I am a very gentle, sweet, shy lady who is looking for a calm, quiet, stress free home. My felineality is Executive, which means that I am a busy girl who loves to check everything out.

I love to look out the windows at the birds, explore closets, and - like most cats - I do love a good nap!

I am also very affectionate and will always be thinking of new ways to show you how much I love you.

I have been described as being a very clean kitty (I do prefer to have two litter-boxes that are cleaned daily, I'm kind of fastidious that way) and I will make sure that I clean up after myself as much as I can!

I would love the chance to meet you so please come down to Wayside. I know once we meet you will see what a Delight I truly am to have around!

Rita Delight "

(please excuse the fact our human titled the video Rita Divine - although we think she's that, too!)

Miss Delight is waiting for her forever family at Allie's Alma Mater, Wayside Waifs.

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