Monday, November 24, 2014

A Purrfect Thanksgiving Dinner for #TeamAllie

It's just days away from Thanksgiving, and Allie's totally into the holiday this year.

She's put in her order for Thanksgiving Day Dinner... quite literally, as you can see!
But then she heard Merrick had Turducken in their Purrfect Bistro line.

Since we've never bothered to serve this delectable dish at any of our Thanksgiving dinners prior to today, well...she insisted on taste-testing this as well.

Faraday: So Allie, uh...can I try it too?

Allie: Honestly, Faraday. Do you think just anycat can select the best foods to offer our guests? This calls for a sophisticated palate. Anycat that still plays "pull my paw" is automatically disqualified.

Faraday: *grumbles* But Mommy says it's polite to share.

Allie: Tell you what, Brat. I'll share this dish with you.

Faraday: Uhm, Allie. Cats don't eat cranberry sauce. Even if it is homemade.

Allie: Well, she garnished it with catnip. Then said something about it "adding color" to the photos, so deal with it.

Faraday: Catnip?!? Why didn't you say so??? **faceplant**

Allie: While Mother's busy hiding the pumpkin pie from a certain Tonkinese Terror, baking her fresh challah and 'from-scratch' stuffing, I'll be digging into some delish entrees from Merrick! Won't you join me?

This season we're very thankful that Allie is well on her way to her ideal weight, with her pounds lost in a slow and safe manner while eating a food she loves.

We three kitties are also very thankful to have a warm and loving home, and we wish the same for the many homeless pets across the world who are not so fortunate this holiday.

May they soon enjoy warmth and safety all their own.

FTC Disclosure: 

Our Extreme Feline Makeover series is sponsored by Merrick Pet Care, and we have received both food and a small fee to compensate us for each post. This covers the time it takes to take photos and write our progress reports.
Every sponsored post on A Tonk's Tail will always reflect our honest and unbiased opinions. Merrick Pet Care is not responsible for the content of this article, and Purrfect Bistro flavors are not specifically formulated for weight management.
This effort is part of an overall health and wellness regime for Allie. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday's Shelter Sweetie:

"Hi there! My name is Kitykins and I'm quite the success story.

I can't really say exactly what happened before I got to Great Plains SPCA. I was in pretty bad shape though, very badly injured. Thank goodness the med team here is so awesome. They saved my life and put me all back together again!

Through it all, I've been a real trooper. Everyone here says what a brave kitty I am and what a joyful spirit I have."

"The bad times are behind me now and I'm feeling great! There's nothing but smooth sailing ahead. All I need now is to find someone who will sail away with me through this wonderful life. Someone who will spend time with me and share all this love I have inside. Someone who will keep me safe so I never have to worry about being lost and hurt again. And someone who needs a very best friend as much as I do.

Let's not wait any longer to find one another, okay? Please come down to Great Plains to meet me. I can't wait to begin our great new life together!


Kitykins is available at the Independence Campus of Great Plains SPCA.

#SundaySelfie: Under Duress

Faraday: *exasperated look* 

Are you done with the "selfie" yet Mommy? These fresh sheets are losing their dryer heat.

Sorry little guy.... 

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