Monday, March 2, 2015

National Read Across America Day

In honor of National Read Across America Day, we'd like to offer up the #1 selection on our Recommended Reading List: Rescued. 

Rescued features the story of my Mentor. The Tonk who Came Before, and the one this blog was named for: Ryker.

Ryker taught me all his best moves.
Of course, I may have improved upon them somewhat...
but I digress.

The most important thing about this book, though, is who it helps.
You see, a portion of Rescued's sales go to the shelters paw-picked by each author.  

There are 12 stories. And 12 months in a year.
And each author has their own month where sales are directed to their shelter of choice.

Our shelter is Great Plains SPCA. Our month begins now.

Please consider buying a copy for yourself! Not only will you be able to wrap your paws around an anthology featuring the rescue stories of 12 unique cats, you'll be helping out a shelter that desperately needs it.

Last year, Great Plains - whose capacity is 175 cats - reached a population of almost 800 within a matter of months. This extreme overpopulation threatened not only their No Kill status, but their very existence as well. You can read all about their story here.

They're heading into kitten season again, with a population already at 155. Any donation, large or small, will help. Purchasing a copy of Rescued is one way to do this.

And when buying from us, you'll also receive a pawtographed bookplate with Ryker's actual, very own signature from the Rainbow Bridge.

This pawprint was kindly taken by the emergency clinic,
as a keepsake for us to remember him by.
We've made it into a bookplate, personalized just for you.

Bookplate will be personalized
above Ryker's paw print

We've put a "Buy Now" PayPal button right here at the top of our sidebar.
(and it's working now, too - woot!)
One easy click, and your very own Pawtographed copy will be on its way to you!

 The Best Way to Spend
Read Across America Day?

At your local shelter. The next time you volunteer, take a book along, too.
One of the best things you can to to help shelter cats is to spend time with them, and creating a lap for them to sit on is a great way to help provide them with much-needed exposure to humans.

Reading is a mostly quiet exercise, without a lot of scary noises or fast movement that might unsettle a skittish cat or overstimulate an energetic one. It's what we call cat enrichment, and it truly does help shelter cats become more adoptable.

Reading with a shelter cat gives them much-needed snuggle time - and hey, it's fun! Photo: TheGiantVermin

May we recommend Rescued as the ideal book for this?
On behalf of all shelter cats everywhere who will benefit from this - thank you.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday's Shelter Sweetie: Delilah

My name is Delilah and I was picked up by a kindly person and brought here."

"When my previous adopter was contacted, the folks here were told that she did not want me any more because she was allergic. I really wish she had just brought me back here herself. It would have saved me a lot of stressful nights on the street, alone and afraid.

Ah, well, that is the past and now I want to find a new home where I will not have to worry about repeating such a sad experience. I am just the tiniest bit shy and need my humans to help me with that.

My heart is just full of love that I want to share for always with my special humans. I am hoping that we find each other soon and start on building our future as a family.

My girlfriend, Allie, tells me I have FAB fashion sense and I would be the purrfect Fashion Consultant for anyone seeking a Feline Expert in the Field."

"Do you know anyone who might be interested?

If so, I'll be waiting for them and the Merriam Campus of Great Plains SPCA.

Stunningly (and sweetly) yours,


#SundaySelfie: Strike a Pose

This is a "legacy" photo we took back in January. Just look at those adorable fangs!

Maxwell: How's this for a selfie pose, Momma? Am I doing it right?

Looking good, dood. Looking good.


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