Friday, October 9, 2015

Faraday's First Fridays

Welcome to my monthly Advice Column. 
These gems of Wit and Wisdom are for Felines Only. 
No Humans (or Big Sisters) Allowed.

Lesson # 289: (an oldie but bears repeating)
When smiling, always make sure it's a really big toothy one.

That makes the stinky older sisters nervous, and the mommies wonder what you've been up to.

(oh, and Mommy? Last Friday was World Smile Day. And First Friday. I got bumped?!?
I see somemommy needs Remedial Coaching on what's truly Important around here... )


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wednesday's Waif on Thursday: IRON MAN!

"Hello esteemed citizen, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read about how fantastic I am.

My name is IronMan. Due to my superhero status, it is perfectly acceptable for you to squeal with excitement, or even jump up and down when you meet me."

"I personally prefer the jumping up and down form of greeting, as long as it's followed with a chin scratch and a head pet.

I'm glad I get the opportunity to write a small biography about myself because it helps me to finally announce my Superhero retirement to you all.

Although I'm still very young at 1 ½ years, it's time for me to pass on my title and enjoy my time in a loving home where I will get attention, love, and food whenever I feel like it."

"Heeeere I come to save the DAAAAAY!" Oh wait. Wrong superhero. Sorry.
"I can hardly contain my excitement to meet my forever family. I have so much cuddles, whisker kisses, and purrs to give!

While I was a stray I was, of course, keeping the peace and defending justice in my city as best as I could -- but a single kitty can only do so much. When I was brought to Wayside Waifs, it was like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders."

As a retired Superhero, I can engage in many fun pastimes.
Like Cat Bearding.
"I was warm all the time, there was always yummy food to eat, and I never went a day without a loving cuddle. There were so many kind people that told me how handsome I was with my big cheeks and soft tabby fur. I didn't know this kind of compassion existed. They made me feel so full of love."

"While at Wayside, they got me all up to date medically and found out that I'm FIV positive. They assured me that FIV is no big deal. It just means that my immune system is somewhat compromised, so it's important that I have an indoor lifestyle, good food, and regular veterinary checkups.

Those are things a good adopter would give their kitty companions anyway!"

Check it out. Housecat! I rock at my new career. Ready for my new home - come meet me!

"As if all of this wasn't enough, a wonderful volunteer came in one day and told me they were going to be my Foster Mom! She scooped me up gently into her car and off we went on to a new wonderful adventure.

I love my foster mom so much, and I enjoy showing my affection towards her by following her all around the house and chattering away about my day. If you decide to adopt me I sure hope you enjoy having deep meaningful conversations, because talking is one of my all-time favorite activities." 

Retired Superheros can still protect your home from mice infestations. I got this. See?
"Foster mom also introduced me to the secret art of PLAY! Wow, playing is fun! We play with wand toys, tiny mice, balls, crazy circles, and just with each other. I'm still a kitten at heart."

 (And purring, and head rubs. Did I mention I LOVE head rubs?)

"Don't worry though; I also thoroughly enjoy a good snuggle session while watching movies on the couch. Foster mom always tells me I'm such a gentleman and that I'm really the perfect house guest. I'll really miss her when I find my forever home, but I know I'm ready to find my own family.

Do you think my home could be with you? I would give you never ending love, and companionship for the rest of my life! Everybody deserves a second chance, especially a superhero. I really hope you decide to meet me; I can't wait to finally meet you.

With justice and love,

Ironman is available at Allie's Alma Mater, Wayside Waifs.

In honor of National Poetry Day

The Panther 
The panther is like a leopard,
Except it hasn't been peppered. 
Should you behold a panther crouch,
Prepare to say Ouch.
Better yet, if called by a panther,
Don't anther. 
~ Ogden Nash

(We're sure Mister Nash would include the Great White Housepanther in that poetic reference. Wouldn't you?)