Wednesday, October 22, 2014

FIV transmission in shelters

Good news for FIV+ shelter cats:

A study found in the August 2014 issue of The Veterinary Journal concludes shelters can house FIV+ cats with seronegative cats without concern that the disease will transmit to non-FIV cats.

The study followed two shelter organizations - one in-home rescue and one foster program - for 38 months. The study found that none of the cats followed changed their status (e.g. none of the non-FIV cats who were examined ended up testing positive during the course of the study).

Chairman Meow is one of three FIV+ cats currently
 available for adoption at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City

Hopefully it will be studies like this that will finally reverse the Kansas law that forbids shelters from adopting FIV+ cats into homes. Kansas is the only state in the U.S. that has such a law.

And contrary to popular belief, FIV cannot be transmitted in the same way as feline leukemia or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), both of which are carried in fluids and mucous. FIV is transmitted through deep puncture wounds, not the light scuffle-play that most domestic cats engage in.

To read more about this study, click over to Winn's article, found here.

The Veterinary Journal, 2014 Aug;201(2):184-8. doi: 10.1016/j.tvjl.2014.02.030.
(read abstract here)

Winn Feline Foundation

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday's Waif: Chairman Meow

"Hullo everyone and thank you for your prompt attendance.
This meeting will now come to order!
(I've always wanted to say that - MOL!)"

"I'm Chairman Meow, and I've recently made the trek from Great Plains SPCA in Independence over to my buds here at Wayside.

Allie vouches for these folks, and I have to say, they're real stand-up peeps for sure. I've got my own room here, and the ladies are kinda sweet on an orange moggie as handsome as me. I'm loving all the attention!

I've been told that they're working hard to help dispel all those nasty rumors that come along with being an FIV kitty. I'm not sick, just slightly immune-suppressed. So (I can't believe I'm about to say something nice about a V-E-T here, but...) all I really need is a nice annual checkup.

Oh and a cushy indoor gig, too, please. That way I won't accidentally run into a kitty out in the 'hood who has a kitty cold I could catch!

Won't you come hang out with me so I can ply you with my mancatly charms and winning ways?
I just know we'd be purrfect for each other!

Chairman Meow"

Mister Meow is hanging out at Allie's Alma mater, Wayside Waifs -- just waiting for you to fall in love with him!