Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday's Mime (sorta): David Copperfield

Maxwell: Watch carefully, as I perform this amazing sleight-of-paw.

Maxwell channels David Copperfield as he attempts to make his green ball disappear. #siamesecats #bluepoint #cathumor

As you can see, I hold a green and yellow fuzzy ball under my left paw.

Maxwell's magic trick, part 1: examine the merchandise very carefully #cathumor #siamesecats

I sniff it first, to examine it...

Maxwell muttering magic words to make the toy disappear.... #cathumor

Say a few David Copperfield-like words - you know, abracadabra-y stuffs...

Maxwell's magic trick fail #cathumor #bluepoint

 And look! Presto-change-o. NO green toy!

Faraday: Maxie, I can still see it, right there, under your paw. That's totally lame, Maxie. Seriouslies!

Maxwell: Made ya look.


Sunday, July 26, 2015

A "Concentrated" #SundaySelfie

Faraday:  Allie said if I sat still, closed my eyes and counted to ten she'd play Hide and Seek with me.

One...two...wonder if Daddy found the hairball I left him yet...four...think I could bribe Maxie into telling me the password to Allie's diary? can I frame Mommy for the new scratch I put into Daddy's briefcase....

Maxwell: Faraday? Count to ten?

...hey, isn't that the look he usually gets on his face when he's in the litterbox?

Allie: Makes sense. I'd imagine both are a bit of a strain for him....


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Saturday, July 25, 2015

In Honor of National Dance Day

We present...

Maxwell dances with Fred Astaire #doppelgangercats #DanceMaxie #dancingcats

Now that's some duo!