Monday, November 30, 2015

Lounger Wars: Part 2

Allie: You booped me, Maxie? You booped me???
Let's see how you fare with Crouching Girlcat Hidden Whupa$$.

::: ninja cry :::

Maxwell: *counters with a KAPOW to the chin* (ooh, that had to hurt...)

Allie: I didn't want to have to do this, but you asked for it, Maxie...
   :::  Pink Pedi Kitty Crane ::::

Who will win this epic battle?
Stay Tuned....

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Derpy #SundaySelfie

Maxwell doing his best #derpface for today's Sunday Selfie!

Anyone wanna join in?
Momma keeps telling us to stop or our faces will freeze that way. MOL!


We're entering this in the Sunday Selfies blog hop, hosted by the kitties over at The Cat on my Head.

Head on over and see all the other great entries!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Allie's Cameo: More Holiday Previews!

Allie insisted that we share her cameo as well, claiming the holidays couldn't possibly be merry without the presence of a good tuxedo girlcat around.

Frankly, we boyz have learned not to argue with her. But that's okay, cuz we asked mom to include something for the male of the species in the second video.

The tune for this one was written and sung by one of those Shoebox guys our mom knows - Bill's a pretty talented dood!

Okay, this one's for all you mancats out there. Warning: this tune might get your paws tapping a bit!

There are also tons of cool interviews with really talented artists that give you a peek into how they create, like this one:

Finally, we know we've shared this one with you, so feel free to skip it. Even though it was completed weeks ago, our mom still doesn't get tired of watching it. So she made us include it (she's soooo lame).

Stay tuned for more fun! Here's a peek at what our mom will be working on this Monday, called "Snowball Fight"....

The metal arm is holding a string that is attached to the little penguin. It'll "help" him throw his snowballs!

Well, with winter temperatures (and  bit of freezing rain) happening at our home, we're all about that fireplace this weekend - and long, cozy naps.

Stay warm everyone, and have a happy post-Thanksgiving Caturday!