Friday, November 17, 2017

Another Nat Geo moment. Or not ...

Nat Geo Reporter: (sotto voce)
"Here we see The Great White Housepanther in his native habitat, intently focused on his prey."

NGR: (continues narration)
"The wind shifts, he lifts his head, cataloguing the smells around him...."

NGR: (tone rises in anticipation)
"Note the pose, the powerful haunches tensed to spring as the smell of pears comes wafting in the breeze, ripe and prime for the harvest."

*cue screeching sound of record needle scratch*
Faraday: (look of disgust) Seriouslies?
The Great White Housepanther only hunts Big Game.
He does not hunt pears.

Allie: (incredulous snort from front door) Really, Brat? Really?
It's your fantasy.

Faraday: I'm totes blaming Mommy for this.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Whappity Wednesday

Maxwell: *hums* doot-de-doot-do ...
(cue slurpy noises)

Allie: *heavy sigh* 
Max, can you keep it down please?
Some of us are trying to nap over here.

(cue silent stare)

(one paw reaches up, and -- )

Allie: And just where do you plan to put that paw, Maxie, hmmm?

Ensuing kitty epithets edited out for decency. And gentle reader eyes.

Suffice it to say they were epic.
And short-lived. 


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

'Toon Tuesdays: Overheard at Hallmark


Toon Tuesdays feature animal (and sometimes human) humor created by the peeps over at Shoebox Greetings (Hallmark approved. Sorta.) - where our mom works, too!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Stalking is Serious Business

The Mom: What are you looking at, Baby?

Faraday: Mommy, don't bothers me while I'm working.
Can't you see I'm stalking BURDS out there?

The Mom: Oh, um, of course. Yes, I can see how busy you are ....

Faraday: Seriouslies, Mommy.
That birdie doesn't have a chance against the Great White Housepanther, but being a big important predator and alls takes concentration, so can you just keeps it down and stuffs, please?

The Mom: Sorry, kiddo. I'll just see myself out now ....


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Picture Me This Photohunt

Created for friends, fellow bloggers and anyone who enjoys a creative challenge, Picture Me This is a weekly idea-starter for social media posts. Any platform, anywhere.

No following, no submitting required. And certainly no pressure!

We're just filling a void made when last year's Photohunt host went on hiatus.

This Week's Theme:

Be sure to tag your entry with #PMTphotohunt so others can find you.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday's Window Whiffs

Ahhhhh, the smell of Fall in the air ...

Faraday: Check it out! This new kitchen window has great BirdTV channels.

Allie: *sigh* Yes, and squirrels, and chipmunks, and bunnies.
And a screen between them and me.
Does anyone besides me see the problem here?
Who do I call for Screen Removal Services?

Maxwell: Well I think this is pawesome.
We should have dinner in front of the TV tonight.
Anyone know how to order carryout?

Enjoy it while you can kids. Window's closing tonight - it's turning COLD.


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday's Purrs: Teddy

"Wait .... Hold on there a minute ... I've just got this one last lick ...."

"Ah, there. Now I'm presentable!"

"I wanted to get all cleaned up for you, you know, in case you might be interested in hanging out with a handsome blue-eyed boy like myself.

I'm 6 years young, and the ladies here at the shelter say I'm a rather handsome sort. It's enough to make a mancat blush, you know? I'm kind of a modest, retiring sort, and not one to boast, so I'll have to let you make the call on that one.

But I would like to meet you. Maybe you'll come give me a scritch or two, or maybe even a treat?"

"Mmmm, makes my mouth water just thinking  of all the fun treats times we could have together.

Standing by, waiting patiently for you,

Teddy is waiting for you. Come meet him today, at the Main Campus of Kansas City Pet Project.