Monday, February 28, 2011

PAWTY Time at Wayside Waifs!!

Well Faithful Followers, as much as I hate to give The Great Grey Menace (aka my Sister the Terror) any credit, her Alma Mater is a pretty awesome place. So because Person asked nicely, I have Graciously Decided to step aside and let Person blog about the latest events going on at Wayside Waifs.

For those of you who may not have heard of this organization, it's one of Kansas City's largest No Kill, not-for-profit animal adoption facilities. And *sigh* Allie's former home. (I don't hold it against Wayside. Rilly.)

So without further ado *flourish*.....Person?

*discreet cough* um, why THANK you, Ryker....

Seriously guys, Wayside Waifs is a wonderful organization and I'm proud to be associated with them. Ryker and Allie have mentioned Wayside on several occasions over the past few months and this garnered the attention of a former breeder in another state - the owner (and Human Servant) of @twittinSuki.

Since Suki's mom used to breed Tonkinese (Ryker and Faraday are both Tonks as you know) we struck up a friendship. Unknown to me, Suki's mom investigated Wayside's facilities and was so impressed that she contacted me, asking if she could donate a gift box of toys for the center's kitties waiting for adoption.

Are you kidding? You bet!! Well, the package arrived a few weeks ago, and then we had to wait out a blizzard or two. (Yanno, Kansas City didn't have such harsh winters a few years back, I'd swear it!)

Finally the evening came where I could take Suki's gift up to Wayside - and we turned it into a huge party.

"PRESENTS! We got PRESENTS!" one volunteer gleefully exclaimed.
 Boy did we!! Just take a look:

Balls and mice and cat dancers galore!

This is a much-needed and VERY appreciated gift for an adoption center full of cats awaiting their forever homes. The cat dancers were especially wonderful and we've found that some of our shyer (and a few grumpier) cats really come out of their shells when faced with this incredible toy!! For a kitten cooped up for hours on end in a kennel, a bit of a romp with a cat dancer is sheer joy.