Friday, October 29, 2010

O' Dark Thirty? O' I Don't Think So!

What kind of madness are my humans engaging in now? Oh that's right... it's their annual "wake up earlier every morning" ritual that they engage in each fall.

Honestly, this kind of behavior is simply inexcusable, especially when said "wake" time begins to occur prior to sunrise. That goes against the Natural Order of things!

Granted, some kitties are morning kitties but honestly, even Allie's not up that early!

When will ask this nonsense stop? If only my humans would take half the advice I'm so happy to provide them ... *sigh*

I hear tell they are following an age-old human ritual known as Daylight Savings Time. Saving what, I must ask? Any thoughts? Any gems of wisdom to enlighten me on this most odd ritual?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Meowning Anipals!

I was just telling Person this Meowning that it was High Past Time that she gathered her lazy self and Attended to My Needs as a Proper human servant should.

I'm happy to say she saw the light, and this blog is, well, about as good a start as any. Purrsonally, I'm thinking that Extreme Guilt over her upcoming ABANDONMENT (oh don't get me started on that distasteful topic) may have played a teensy role in this fortuitous state of affairs, but who am I to look a gift mouse in the meowth, I ask you?

Now that my muse is free to uhm, err... muse... I intend to use this little spot on the web to Hold Forth on all sorts of Critical, Timely Topics of the Utmost Importance, such as the Proper Training of one's human, the airing of grievances best meowed at the Top of one's lungs, and other sundry tales such as the plight of anipals in this world today.

I strongly advise any and all readers to hie themselves hither to @frugaldougal's PawPawty Blog and support his masterful efforts on behalf of animals in need.  I will also take this moment to come out in Official Support of @shivaandjaya's campaign to end the existence of VCs everywhere (for those of you not In The Know, a VC, of course, is the Detestable Human Invention known world-wide as the *shudder* vacuum cleaner).

Well I do believe that's enough Public Announcements for my first blog...and that delicious sunpuddle awaits.  Until later, friends, Kittehs, Countrymen....