We like to say that A Tonk's Tale is a pet blog featuring fun and informative content.  But it mostly reflects the personalities of the three cats who rule our home: Maxwell, Faraday and Allie.

It's our hope that this blog can be used to entertain, educate and help animal adoptions through such series as our Medical Mondays and Shelter Sweethearts posts.

Our blog posts feature beautifully photographed cats, many shot in humorous and candid situations every pet owner will recognize.

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The Cats of A Tonk's Tale

Allie (Alexandria)

Our little "Waif" we rescued from Wayside Waifs on December 23, 2009.

She just adores the Outdoors - though isn't allowed out except under Strict Supervision (to her chagrin). She's also a huge Daddy's Girl (bet you couldn't tell, could you).

Oh, and she simply adores a good mani/pedi and firmly believes every girl needs a little bling in her life.


Maxwell is a Blue Point Siamese boy who came to us from a Siamese rescue group in our area.

Unknown to us, he was completely deaf. We didn't care. His sweet disposition utterly charmed us!
Several months of treatment and one surgery later, he now has partial hearing - restored in one ear.

Maxwell has turned into a handsome young man. He's our clever, responsible boy, always trying to figure out how things work.

All photographs on this blog copyright © Lisa Richman A Tonk's Tail


Oy vey! What to say about this bundle of energy?

Faraday's a purebred Platinum Mink Tonkinese boy who we got from a breeder who also places Tonks who have been abandoned & need to be rehomed.

He has a very large and expressive personality (can you tell?).

"I heard you, Mommy, and I resent that!"

Oh, and he likes toys. Especially Wand Toys. A LOT.


I'm a director of film & video and I work for one of America's iconic brands - a privately held card company - can you guess which one? I'm also a pilot and an avid cat lover.

Volunteering at Wayside Waifs, Missouri's largest no-kill animal shelter, is one of the ways I've found that I can help reduce the alarming euthanasia rates of shelter cats in the U.S.

I work as a cat socializer, video producer, social media advocate - and anything else they ask me to do!

I'm married to a physicist who is also a pilot, and who also loves cats -- and keeps telling me he wants more.

(um, can we wait on that one for a while? Faraday's still swingin' from the rafters over here....).

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