Saturday, March 31, 2012

Maxwell's New Toy

This is our entry into today's Saturday PhotoHunt: "FRESH"!

fresh from Maxie's new "toybox" on top of fridge

Mine, all MINE! 

oh you LOVELY little piece of peppermint, all my own...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Big Major Deal!

Oooooh *squee!* I'm so excited! My Alma Mater's hosting this amazing party!

Um... yeah, like... what she said. It's an event for all the shelter pets at Wayside Waifs, to help them find their forever families.  And since Allie & I both came from rescue organizations, we think this is a really cool thing.

Mommy says there are some really great special needs kitties there right now, too. Do you have room in your heart and your home for one of them?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TNR Tuesday: Part 5 of 5

For a 5 week run, we're cross-posting a series of articles on a feral cat situation in and near Canton, Ohio.

Our "guest blogger" is BZ TAT, an artist and former counselor/therapist who is the founder of Okey's Promise, an outreach through public art designed to create awareness about the connections between animal maltreatment, child abuse and domestic violence.

The original posts can be found at the Okey's Promise blog.


Feral Cat Rescue: The Big Job

feral cat in trap for TNR program

As I mentioned in previous posts, I am endeavoring to rescue a group of cats that have developed a colony on my friend’s property in Tuscarawas County, OH.

First, the kittens in the colony were taken to the Tuscarawas County Humane Society cat shelter, where they are receiving treatment for eye infections and upper respiratory infections. Two females were well enough for surgery immediately, and they have already been spayed. The 3 remaining males will be neutered when they are are a bit healthier. All will be placed for adoption when they are ready.

Second, we began the trapping process for the adult cats this past Tuesday. I successfully trapped 7 cats (!) and transported them to One is One of a Kind Pets in Fairlawn, OH for  spay/neutering. It was a 60 mile trip with 7 angry cats, but they were basically calm. My truck still smells like a zoo, though…

All 7 were spayed/neutered yesterday. We discovered that one is very tame and friendly. The clinic staff fell in love with him, and we have decided to put him up for adoption when he recovers from his surgery and an upper respiratory infection. YAY! Mr. Orange Stripey is going to get a furrever home with a loving family!!!

The rest of the cats will be returned to my friend’s property, where she will continue to feed and care for them and the rest of the colony.

Some people question the purpose of TNR. Why return wild cats? Why go to the trouble of catching and spaying a semi-wild animal?

There are a number of reasons, about which you can read in depth on the Alley Cat Allies website. Here is my summary:

  1. Cats that have not been neutered continue to mate and reproduce, leading to an overwhelming overpopulation of unwanted animals. There are also numerous behavior problems associated with the mating process that become a nuisance to humans. TNR stops the overpopulation and it eliminates the nuisance behaviors that annoy humans.
  2. Cats are territorial animals. They ward off interlopers to their colonies, and they do not attract other cats when they are neutered. Colonies of cats that are neutered control their own populations by their natural instincts. No new cats arrive to the colony through reproduction or wandering, so the population does not grow.
  3. Neutered cats tend to have fewer health concerns and they tend to live longer, quality lives in a managed colony. They pose negligible risks to public health according to research.
If you are interested in engaging in TNR activities, that is AWESOME! Please familiarize yourself with the process before you start. It is not an activity that you should attempt without guidance. Read Alley Cat Allies’ TNR Guide or other resources that provide technical guidance, and consult with experienced TNR rescuers. Develop a method for fund raising to allay costs. That is what I have done.

The next trapping of cats in the colony will take place next week. Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Monday Medical Issues: Ear Infections

Sometimes I forget we live with a hearing impaired kitty...until something occurs that reminds me of Maxwell's deafness. Like it did today.

Max was hanging out at the kitchen table. Marty was vacuuming and cats were scattering - all except him!

One of the reasons I tend to forget is that he's just so darn healthy (as opposed to when we first adopted him). During his first few months with us Maxwell had an ear infection that would not quit. Two actually: yeast and bacterial.

Turns out that ear infections are prevalent in shelter cats. And as cats are so adept at hiding maladies, its not surprising that they make it into their new home with it undetected.  Often, a pet parent will notice their new kitty batting at an ear, excessive head shaking or tilting his head to one side. Sometimes, as it was with us, the ear begins to exhibit a strong odor.

photo courtesy BigSisLilSis
A quick trip to the vet, and the diagnosis is confirmed. And now the fun begins. Most treatments for ear infection in cats involve ear drops, twice daily.

The challenge is that ear infections can be very painful and make the ear very sensitive. Your kitty probably won't much like being corralled and forcibly medicated.

The other bad news is that some of these infections can be persistent little buggers. In our case, it took five months before Maxwell's ear cytology came back normal. So twice daily for five months, Mom became the Bad Guy. Not fun!

Because of this, many people may opt to stop treatment. If this happens to your cat, please reconsider. Feline ear infections can cause permanent hearing loss. If the infection goes untreated, the nerves of the inner ear could become affected, causing dizziness, loss of balance and disorientation. In rare cases, it could even result in a cat displaying unusual eye movement (called nystagmus) or even cause him to walk in circles.

Maxwell was notably uncomfortable with his balance. Until his ear infection was eradicated, he refused to jump up onto things. Very un-catlike behavior! To this day, he gauges his leaps very carefully before attempting anything. (But in his case, this is probably because he has no eardrum in one ear - and so is completely deaf on that side - and his middle ear is open to the ear canal. We think this may have permanently impacted his sense of balance.)

If you adopt a new kitty - or if you volunteer at a shelter and help place cats into forever homes - please keep in mind that ear infections can become serious matters and should never be left untreated.

Photo courtesy Ian Martin

Pets webMD

Pet Education

Vet Depot

Lorie Huston, DVM

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our Pawesome New Jungle Gym!

Daddy & Mommy heard Jackson Galaxy say that sometimes us kittehs need a space to get up and away...
so they installed this pawesome Super Highway in the guest bedroom!

Faraday: of course, I had to try it out first!

Faraday: Mowzers, Maxwell reeeally trusts Daddy's handiwork...

'scuse Mommy's sweater in the foreground...

And then they brought up our condo! SCORE!

Friday, March 23, 2012

One Month...and a New Blog

For those of you who have followed us this past month, 7:21 PM last night marked the one-month anniversary of the Shawnee Fire.

It's amazing what can transpire in a month...yet at the same time, some wounds feel as if they'll take forever to heal.

Case in point:  

11:00 PM last night.

Kathi is over at Amy & Lee's apartment, saying goodbye to Stormy the rescue cat who is heading to Wayside Waifs tomorrow to find her forever home.

A fire truck comes screaming into the apartment complex. Again. Conversation comes to an abrupt halt as, hearts pounding, they rush out -- to find a medical emergency in an adjacent apartment building. Needless to say, the timing isn't exactly great. But as far as Amy & Kathi are concerned, when sirens are involved, the timing may always be bad.

And it doesn't help that Kathi's new apartment still smells like smoke from fire #2....


After a month, most people tend to drift away from tragedy. Other things vie for their attention, and at any rate, the victims seem to be adjusting well. At least in public. But we know that grieving and healing take time.

So on this anniversary, we wanted to take a moment to let Amy & Kathi know: your friends are still here for you.

Thanks to everyone for your support of Amy/Sebastian and Kathi/CJ - both financially and emotionally. Words cannot express how much that means!

And now, by popular demand...CJ now has his own blog, CJ's Paw Pad. Go take a look at how well his fur is beginning to grow back in!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

We want to thank Sparkle at for nominating us for this award. We're so honored that such an award winning author and renowned blogger would consider us for this!

With this award, we're supposed to share 7 things about ourselves:

I'm most creative...
Maxwell: when left to my own devices. I keep surprising my humans with all the games I invent.
Faraday: when dreaming! I catch lotsa squirrels that way.
Allie: when trying to express my frustration that my humans won't let me out into that lovely back yard *sigh*...
Mom: when I surround myself with creative people, which I am fortunate enough to do everyday. (though I have to admit, sometimes I get cool ideas in the shower. hmmm...)

[And Ryker would have said he was most creative while practicing his feng shui while barfing. With his IBD, he had frequent and colorful barfisodes!]

If I were a color I'd be...
Maxwell: True Blue!
Faraday: Green! I'm always going, going, going...!
Allie: (all together now...) PINK!!
Mom: groannn....don't ask me that, I don't know!

I often imagine myself...
Maxwell: as a brilliant kitty inventor
Faraday: KING of the Jungle!
Allie: in more bling

I really wish I knew how to...
Maxwell: open the back door
Faraday: open the WAND Toy drawer!
Allie: open cabinet doors like Maxwell can *sigh*

I'd love to spend a lazy Sunday...
Maxwell: napping
Faraday: chasing WAND Toys!
Allie: buffing my mani/pedi
Mom: Flying, reading or gardening :-)

I'm most excited about...
Maxwell: discovering new things (translation by mom: getting into new things!)
Faraday: New WAND Toys!
Maxwell: Dude. What is it with you and the wand toys?
Allie: anything PINK! Even my cat food is pink! (well, it comes with a pink label...)
Mom: being able to make a difference in animal rescue

My secret talent is...
Maxwell: shedding. (I even made momma change clothes this morning, cuz she didn't have time to furminate herself!)

Faraday: Climbing! Windows, Shower doors, Windows, Mommy...
Allie: modeling! *strikes a pose*
Mom: NOT singing. Or so they tell me.


Upon receipt of this award, I'm supposed to nominate five other deserving bloggers. 

Sebastian the Sensitive Soul - Though he's not blogged lately due to a serious personal crisis (they lost their home to a fire - escaped with nothing but what they had on their backs) Sebastian has been a wonderful advocate for the shelter kitties at Wayside Waifs!

Bunny's Blog  - Vicki tirelessly advocates for animals, keeping everyone informed on the latest news.

Boris Kitty: 4 Paws for a Cause - Besides throwing a mean #scifipawty on Twitter, Boris also helps raise awareness for such things as Pet Dental Help month and FIP.

Mario's Meowsings - no one has a bigger heart than Mario and his M. They tirelessly help raise awareness of needy animals around the world in their blog!

Okey's Promise - a public art initiative by artist BZ TAT designed to create awareness about the connections between animal maltreatment, child abuse and domestic violence. We give this blog ALL PAWS UP!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Behind Bars

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TNR Tuesday: Part 4 of 5

This is the 4th cross-post in a series on a feral cat situation in and near Canton, Ohio.

Our "guest blogger" is BZ TAT, an artist and former counselor/therapist. She's the founder of Okey's Promise, an outreach through public art designed to create awareness about the connections between animal maltreatment, child abuse and domestic violence.

The original posts can be found at the Okey's Promise blog.


Kitten Rescue Complete. Now for the big job…

The kittens about whom I wrote the other day are now adjusting to their new temporary home at the Tuscarawas County Humane Society cat shelter! I am deeply grateful for the generosity of Megan, Shelter Director, and the rest of the kitty crew for taking in these special little critters.

In the coming days, they will get cleaned up, have their eyes tended to, and be assessed for health concerns. As you can see in the photo, the one with Siamese markings has major eye issues – her eyes are totally crusted together so that she cannot see. Some are coughing and sneezing too. That is not unusual. Megan expressed optimism about their recovery and potential adoption possibilities.

kitten rescue

There are 5 kittens in all. One was a little squirrely in my first capture attempt, but she made it to the shelter on the second try.

There are many fabulous cats at the shelter. If you are interested in adopting these kittens or other cats, check out their page of adoptable cats.

The trapping process with the adult feral cats begins next Tuesday. A friend from Peace for Pets is lending me some traps, and I will take as many as I can trap up to One is One of a Kind Pets in Fairlawn, OH for the spay/neuter. We have a warm place for their post op recovery and then they will go back to their habitat.

The process will be continued on other dates until we feel certain that all the cats have been vetted.

What an adventure!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Dangers of Windows!

We made an unexpected trip to the vet on Friday, thanks to a window cracked open 6 inches...and George of the Jungle. Excuse me, I mean...Faraday.

I was out in the backyard, Faraday insisted he needed out there too. Yowling at me from the barely-open window didn't suffice, so he proceeded to climb it.

It was a standard double-hung window, like this:

And when Faraday got to the top of the opened window, he curled his paw around behind the lock...just as his weight caused the window to come crashing down.

His paw was pinned between the upper and lower window, the feline equivalent of slamming the car door on your fingers.

The minute I saw it happen, I raced inside. Faraday was wriggling like mad to get loose! I had to lift the window to release his paw. Poor little guy - the vet said nothing was broken, but he warned swelling was going to be a problem and to keep little mister Tarzan quiet for the next week. (HA, fat chance!)

Favoring his right paw for a while

 He's actually been pretty quiet these past few days - I'm sure it's because he's not feeling well.

Yeah mommy but I scored your chair!
So...NO WAND TOY PLAY until next weekend, kiddo!

And I will be extra careful in future to ensure that the window is either closed or fully open - but only when I'm home. And I'll never leave an open window unattended!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunlit Sunday

What? No kitties?
Well, okay.

Allie loves Springtime and can't wait for the garden to grow so she can explore - and supervise all our puttering and weeding and stuff!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Strange Spinny Thing

 This is also our entry into today's Saturday PhotoHunt: "Play"

Momma got tired of hearing us complain we were BORED, so she brought out this new toy...
well, at least we think it's a toy.

It sure kept Maxwell occupied, trying to figure out how it worked!
(But then again, he's the Thinker in the fambly. Me, I just wanna nom on it.)

Allie: Does this Top make me look fat?

Look at how great CJ's looking! 

We're participating in the Weekend Cat Blog!
Click the image to be directed to this week's host page:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Glam Girl

Audrey Hepburn, eat your heart out!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TNR Tuesday: Part 3 of 5

For the next few weeks, we are cross-posting a series of articles on a feral cat situation in and near Canton, Ohio to help spread the word.
Our "guest blogger" is BZ TAT, an artist and former counselor/therapist who is the founder of Okey's Promise, an outreach through public art designed to create awareness about the connections between animal maltreatment, child abuse and domestic violence.
The original posts can be found at the Okey's Promise blog.


And the rescue is about to start…

feral kittens

Yesterday I wrote about how I was going to help with a friend’s feral cat colony. I mentioned that there were kittens in the group that had health issues. I got some good news about them today.

The Tuscarawas County Humane Society has a cat shelter, and they have agreed to take the kittens. Yay! Not only will they take them, they will also get them vetted and nursed back to health, and then put them up for adoption when they are ready.

I plan to catch the kittens tomorrow (I hope they won’t need traps) and take them in to the shelter in the evening. I will follow up with the shelter and keep you posted on their progress.

There are still adult cats who will need to be trapped, spay/neutered and returned to the wild. I am considering 2 programs for this. One is One of a Kind Pets in Fairlawn, OH. Fairlawn is quite a distance, but the program has better availability.  The other program is the Tuscarawas Co. Humane Society who uses the mobile Rascal Unit for low cost spay/neuter. Although it is closer, there is less frequent access to them.

Whichever program I choose, both will entail some costs for the spay/neuter process for each cat. I have started a ChipIn fund raising event to raise money to cover these costs. (Please see widget in sidebar of original post) Each spay/neuter will cost around $60. Transportation costs may need to be covered as well, if we use One of a Kind Pets. Any assistance that you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

All of the donated money will go to a dedicated account at the CSE Federal Credit Union in Canton, OH. If donated funds exceed actual costs, the money will be used for another rescue effort.

Please follow the rescue efforts on the Okey’s Promise Facebook page. Wish me well!

Pawprayers for Amy & Sebastian: 
Today is the day that the tenants are allowed to walk through the remains fo the fire. We can only imagine how difficult this will be for Amy & Lee.

Kathi told us she's staying away. We completely understand! Still, it's hard knowing others may find treasured belongings while there's no chance for you.

(Since the fire began below Kathi's apartment, and other apartments collapsed down on hers, there is nothing left for her to recover.)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our Five Fave Tweets: March 2012

Since most of you only know us through blogging...
And since this blog sprang from our presence in the twitterverse...

We're happy to present to you a new monthly series:

Our Five Fave Tweets!

*drum roll pleeeez*

My 1st Law of Sociology: Dominance over Humans requires access 2 highest platform in living space (top of fridge, closet shelf, balancing on top of shower door -- ooh that last one REALLY gets'em going!)

Fickleness = Feline Prerogative. "No, no. Those treats as SO YESTERDAY. Today it's Cream. Please DO try to Keep Up...*sigh*"

Look, it's 3 AM and that glass of water on your nightstand is MUCH closer than my waterbowl-- WHADDAYA MEAN YOU DON'T SHARE? *sniff* Humans.

So Momma. SERIOUSLY. Do you have to have clothes out of dryer This Very Minute? I swear there's a towel calling my name -- s'cuse me *burrows undercover*

*snif snif* WHAT? Eau de Evil Neighbor Cat on Mother's hands?!? AAAAIEEE! BETRAYED BY MY OWN FLESH AND-- oh I...I...feel faint....


Friday, March 9, 2012

The Shawnee Fire: Two Weeks and Counting

Even though the Shawnee fire “two week mark” technically was last night, daybreak that following morning saw firefighters still fighting the fire. (Did you know they kept pouring water on that building for three days before they were convinced it was safe to withdraw?)

Thanks in part to the “fast food” mentality of a society addicted to 24/7 news and the Next Breaking Thing, most have forgotten this tragedy and moved on with life.

But when a crisis of this magnitude strikes you, two weeks is barely enough time to begin the healing process.

Three separate incidents that both Kathi and Amy told me about recently caused me to seek out a friend and ask her for an article on trauma. Here’s what happened: 

Friday after the fire, Amy and Lee stepped away from the apartment complex for a quick bite to eat when a fire truck raced past their location. The minute she heard the sirens, Amy’s heart started to pound and she started to shake. Trauma.

This past Sunday night, around 11 PM, a fire truck comes racing into the apartment complex, lights flashing and siren screaming. It stops at the building Amy now lives in. It was responding to a medical emergency, not a fire. Still.
In Kathi's words, "my heart's about to jump out of my chest." All thoughts of sleep - banished. Trauma.

Amy & Kathi:
2 AM, Wednesday morning. Fire trucks yet again race into the complex. This time they stop at Kathi's new apartment building. And this time, it is a fire. Kathi grabs CJ and races to Amy's. Kathi tells reporters, "the memory of seeing the building go up in flames - it's still too raw." Neither one can sleep that night, nerves on edge. Trauma.
Who wouldn’t respond that way, given the circumstances?

The friend I reached out to is Marla Swoboda, then VP of Development for Wayside Waifs. Marla recently invited her sister Jana, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, to fly in to KC to speak with us about Compassion Fatigue. During her very informative talk, she briefly touched on how trauma can impact our lives. 

I asked Marla if Jana had any articles on the topic and Jana graciously forwarded this link to two great articles on her blog: one on anxiety, one on PTSD. I'm not suggesting Amy or Kathi have PTSD -- but the general concepts could apply to this situation.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the first article:
"The brain is great at learning what scares it. Danger memories can get hard-wired to provide a quick spill of chemicals that ideally would serve us well-- to get us the hell out of dodge, or help us fight off our attacker.

Brain is not particularly selective in what gets filed, which can result in some strange associations we may not even know exist. For example, if you're in a car wreck, Brain may file away not only screeching tires and breaking glass. You might find yourself also getting panicky feelings (the emotional interpretation of all those chemicals coming to fore) when you pass white Hondas, or that particular intersection. That one's easy to connect, but while you might not have noticed what was on the radio, Brain could have, and you may not understand why your heart races every time that Lady Gaga song plays."

The articles are excellently written and informative. Perhaps they will provide insight, or just a bit of sensitivity, towards two friends who are continuing to work through an especially difficult situation.

If you’re interested, I’d encourage you to click over and read the articles. Who knows? You may have reason to put this information to good use some day in the future.

Can Sebastian and CJ suffer from PTSD? We’ll take a look at that on Sunday.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Great news:
We're thankful that another kitty lost in the fire - Pewter - was just found and reunited with family!

Amy mentioned the other day that this must be something like what the Joplin tornado survivors must have experienced: losing everything and having to rebuild.

We're thankful that - unlike so many in Joplin - neither Amy nor Kathi were injured in the fire.

And we're thankful for healing, and the gift of time.

As we approach the one year anniversary of Joplin, we continue to see stories of hope and healing, and we're thankful that this will eventually come to Amy & Kathi as well.

And we're thankful for the local news outlets, both television and newspapers, who continue to help owners search for their missing pets by spreading the news about them.

One such story is Razor's - the five year old Husky who lived in the apartment across from Amy. His owners had just left to run an errand moments before the fire....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

UPDATE on Sebastian & CJ:

Yesterday was warm here in KC. Loads of window whiffs for Sebastian & his "office girl," Stormy.

And CJ got a huge thumbs-up from the docs over at Mission MedVet. Yesterday was his first follow-up appointment since being released from the emergency hospital after the fire.

Chillaxin' by window after visit to Vet!

Burns healing nicely, paws look good. The Man in the White Coat told him he was one lucky kitty! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TNR Tuesday: Part 2 of 5

For the next few weeks, we're cross-posting a series of articles on a feral cat situation in and near Canton, Ohio to help spread the word.
Our "guest blogger" is BZ TAT, an artist and former counselor/therapist who is the founder of Okey's Promise, an outreach through public art designed to create awareness about the connections between animal maltreatment, child abuse and domestic violence.
The original posts can be found at the Okey's Promise blog.


Profiles of Hope: Another Feral Cat Story

ragdoll birman cat art

I have been helping a friend in her recovery from open heart surgery. Her recovery is going well, but it will be some time before she is able to resume her usual activities. One of her usual activities is tending to the numerous feral cats who show up on her doorstep.

My friend lives in the country – one of those picturesque, rural Ohio roads that we all dream of in greeting card bliss.  It is one of those places where deer roam freely, the snow drifts in beautiful, undisturbed mountains of white, the grass and meadows shine in verdant greens in summer, and the trees are a blaze of color in the fall.

You know. One of those places that people go to dump the unwanted offspring of the pets that they failed to get spayed or neutered.

I am not sure how many cats there are, but my friend’s colony is growing. I feel a need to help her intervene at this stage, especially since she has her own health issues to worry about.

I have been considering the prospect of expanding Okey’s Promise into actual rescue efforts for some time. In fact, I have been considering helping this friend with Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) with her colony for awhile. I believe that the time is now for Okey’s Promise to take action. There are cats in need, and we have the opportunity to help.

There are some adoptable cats in this colony. Some have already been vetted and spay/neutered. I will be posting images of them in the coming days. If you have an interest, or know someone who does, please let me know.

There are also kittens in this colony approximately 3-4 months old. These kittens have health issues – eye problems and possible upper respiratory concerns. I plan to start a fund raising campaign within the next week to make it possible to get these kittens well and hopefully ready for adoption.

There are adult cats in the colony who will not be likely candidates for adoption. Fund raising will be initiated for them as well to get them spay/neutered and vetted from disease. They will be returned to their habitat so that they can protect their colony, yet avoid further reproduction.

I have learned from engaging in the Okey’s Promise projects and this website that feral cats are perhaps the most vulnerable creatures when it comes to animal abuse. Not only are they cast offs from society, they often become victims to those who abuse animals as a way to release their own sense of powerlessness.

Caring for a colony of feral cats is a preemptive strike against animal abuse. I plan to research the best methods for managing and providing TNR for this colony so that my friend can rest assured that her cats are getting what they deserve. Your help in this effort will be greatly appreciated.

I look at my 5 cats and realize that, had someone not intervened, each of them would have had the same fate as these creatures at my friend’s home in the country. My beloved pets were each one step away from a sad ending to their stories. Yet they are living happily ever after.

My hope is that Okey’s Promise Keepers will help make this feral cat story have a happy ending too.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Not Your Usual Monday

Today is the day both Amy & Kathi head back to work for the first time since the fire.

Paw prayers for them both...Amy's traveling out of town a short distance & Kathi may take CJ in for his follow-up a day early. Saturday was CJ's first day without pain medication, and he didn't do so well that first day without (he kinda made a tiny mess on Kathi's bed - worried her).

But yesterday he woke her up at 5:30 because he was hungry - a very good sign. And...after breakfast, he sat in the window for the first time since the fire, for a bit of bird watching!

Bird watching can be exhausting for a kitty, you know?

(in case anyone wonders, that's a stuffed Jayhawk - KU's mascot - that he's snoozing with.)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunny Sunday with Stormy

Sebastian's been a bit miffed for the past few days...

Little Miss Thing (or Stormy, as Lee has named her!)

because of this little lady.

You see, a torrential storm hit the KC metro the other night. Buckets of rain, howling winds...and a plaintive meow.

Amy told Lee, "there's a cat out there!"
"There's a cat outside!"

Out dashes Lee, into the pouring rain.

After a rather comical chase, a major mud bath and one seriously bashed hand, in comes Lee with this little lady. Lee showered and bandaged his hand while Amy settled their guest in the office.

Once back in bed, Lee just couldn't stand the thought of this poor thing all alone in a strange new environment. So he grabbed the blanket off the bed, went into the office and slept on the floor with their little feline refugee. What man would do this for a strange kitty? Amy thinks he's an amazing man! (Oh, and he named her Stormy, too.)

No, they're not going to keep her - Sebastian put his paw down about that! Besides, we're sure she's somebody's pet.  So we printed flyers and Amy distributed them in the hope that her owners would see one.

Amy thinks it's possible she escaped from someone's apartment (perhaps when the police kicked in the doors) during the fire.

Sebastian is not amused...though they have progressed from mutual hissing to the Barely Civil Cold Stare.

We're hoping her owner sees the flyer soon. Amy & I hung out with her for a bit Thursday night, and she's a sweetheart. Still kittenish - but friendly, playful and affectionate.

If all else fails, we know Wayside Waifs will take her in.