Friday, October 29, 2010

O' Dark Thirty? O' I Don't Think So!

What kind of madness are my humans engaging in now? Oh that's right... it's their annual "wake up earlier every morning" ritual that they engage in each fall.

Honestly, this kind of behavior is simply inexcusable, especially when said "wake" time begins to occur prior to sunrise. That goes against the Natural Order of things!

Granted, some kitties are morning kitties but honestly, even Allie's not up that early!

When will ask this nonsense stop? If only my humans would take half the advice I'm so happy to provide them ... *sigh*

I hear tell they are following an age-old human ritual known as Daylight Savings Time. Saving what, I must ask? Any thoughts? Any gems of wisdom to enlighten me on this most odd ritual?

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  1. I don't get it either. They change the clocks in the fall and put them back in the spring. Seriously? I don't get it, and never will. They should just leave them alone. It messes with dinner time and my tummy clock doesn't like that.


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