Saturday, January 22, 2011

The *True* Purpose of Sheets

Well dear Readers, I have decided in my magnanimity to dedicate this post to a cause near and dear to my foster sister @Allie_Kitti's heart: Sheets.

(Besides, it's a rather slow day up here at the RB and I just might be a teensy bit bored.)

So. Sheets. Allie would like to Inform all Humans that, contrary to popular belief, sheets are not for SLEEPING on. They are a versatile and interactive Play Toy.

Sheets make wonderful caves when draped over chairs, and in her own words, they make "FABulous Tunnels" too. There's nothing quite so delectable as stalking the Sheet Monster, shaped, oddly enough exACTly like Person's hand as you can see here in one of my many EPIC battles. Sometimes we kitties also engage in the delightful stalking of the Surprise Sheet Monster, otherwise known as Human Feet, though I have observed that this pastime tends to be frowned upon by humans in the middle of the night (go figure).

Allie would like her humans to know she prefers PINK sheets (though the burgundy ones are at least in the correct color palette, so she will forgive that one), whereas I, purrsonally, was always fond of white as you can see in the above link.

Allie would also like everyone to know that sheets should be Made Available for kitties (such as her Delightful Self) to paw at, climb and generally commandeer at will. Allie would also like at this time to solicit any comments from her fellow anipals in the hopes that Solidarity might bring about Real Change on the matter of the Sheets. Perhaps another issue to bring to the attention of those illustrious Purritime Ministerettes, @ShivaandJaya?


  1. Iz agress with Allie 100%. How did the crazy peeps ever get the idea dat sheets were to sleep on anyway. I personally prefer white sheets cuz I'm black & white the black fur shows up rather nicely on the fresh, clean, white sheets. Way to go Allie! Ryler - so good to see you pop in, I'm so happy you do. Someone just has to keep up with your bloggy pal.

  2. Not only do I like to play under the sheets, I like to sleep under them too! Dad says I leave too much hair on them. I say, the extra hair leads to extra warmth! MOL

  3. Oh TOOOOTALLY! AlphaPerson showed Person this Evil Article about the health dangers from sleeping with cats & I ordered My Minions to put the Bitey on him! Not that it'll affect Moi as I'm RB but still, it's the Principle of the matter.

    Fortunately, Person read the article carefully & reported back that dangers were from Outdoor Kittehs, fleas and somesuch things. In other words, NOT APPLICABLE, so there pffffft!

  4. Sheets are for playing, for sleeping, for stalking, for hiding, for all kinds of fun! Bring on the sheets! And the bed mousies to chase!


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