Thursday, March 17, 2011

Helping the Animals in Japan

Oh NO! The Ultimate Humiliation! Person asked to borrow my blog so my *cringe* ...SISTER... can blog.

Rilly. Enough is enough. You'd think my retreat to the RB would have relieved me of the torment brought on by The Great Grey Menace…but now THIS???  I can see I'm going to have to put my paw down and tell @Allie_Kitti to Get Her OWN Blog!

Next time.

This time, because of the serious topic, I will – once again – graciously bow to Person’s request and allow “her” to stomp her Big Pink Paws all over my blog. (ONCE, mind you. Never again.)


*snif* Ryker? Gracious? HA! (And I don’t either stomp. *huff*)

Now where was I before Ryker so ruuuuudely introduced me? Oh…

HI!!!! *waves pink toenails at audience* Wow…my very first BLOG! And on my birthday too! *SQUEE!*

Well. Because I am a Very Responsible three-year-old girl now, when I heard the news about the horrible tragedy in Japan and how many poor animals are hurt, lost and without a home – I just HAD to do something! Everyone else is talking about donating, so I decided I’d send over my very favoritest pink mousie. (I gave it to Mommy last night)

:::: “Mom” here, taking over (I think the cats have had enough for one day). ::::

Actually, Allie did indeed give me her most favorite mousie toy last night. I heard the oddest, out-of-the-ordinary muffled meow from our grey girl. Upon investigation, it turns out she had come to present it to me as a gift. After much praise (after all, it’s traditional to receive gifts on one’s birthday, not give them), I felt her generous spirit should be both shared and encouraged. Especially at such a heartbreaking time as the one the world is facing in Japan.

Mere weeks after being rocked by the devastation that struck Christchurch, the earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan have left us reeling with visions of devastation, tales of courage and loss, hope and heartbreak.

One thing is crystal clear – we cannot stand idly by and do nothing in the face of such tragedy. What can you do to help?

Today, Thursday, March 17, 2011 is Paws for Japan Day.

How can you help?

1. Grab the badge, using the following code: a href=”″ target=”_blank”><img border=”0″ alt=”Paws for Japan” src=””/></a><br />

2. Promote the Chip In tool where people can make a donation. Note: this is the legitimate Chip In widget where all funds donated go directly to World Vets.

2. Today, please post, tweet, or share on Facebook about the World Vets effort for animal relief in Japan. Be as creative as you wish in promoting the cause!

3. Check out the links below – add yours and get the code to add the linky tool to your own blog.


  1. This was a fantastic effort by everyone in Twitterland and Blogosphere. Just look what a great bunch of anipals (and their oomans) can do when we put our minds to it. Great first post Allie! We'll expect to hear more from you, providing your very, kind hearted brother lets you borrow it again. (I just know he will cuz deep down he really loves you.)

  2. Hi Allie!

    Nice post and very nice of Ryker to let you use his blog!

    The Paws For Japan blog hop was a lot of fun(I've spent most of the day reading them!) and is helping World Vets a lot!(nipclub was a lot of fun too last night and there was a lot of green Bacon! Beer in support of Paws For Japan!...snicker...)

    See ya soon!


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