Saturday, August 27, 2011

Allie's Photo Shoot

Mother said I could borrow the boys' blog today to share last night's photo shoot with you all! *Giggle* it was soooo fun to play like a Real-Life Model!

Mom especially liked the way that dusk turned everything blue...except for my PINK! *squee!* I loooove PINK!

Did she just PINK all over our Boy Blog???

Ewwww, she DID! She DID! Quick, air it out!!
*flaps paws*
Get the Lysol!! *run run run*



  1. Admit it guys. You're in the pink!

  2. Allie, you make a wonderful model. I love the way your pink stands out in the pictures. You should do this more often. In fact, it should be your blog and maybe once in a while you could let the boys use it. *winks*

  3. Allie: ooooh Pumpkin! What a FAB idea!

    FaRADaY: oooh no. No no no. *waves paws* DIS here bloggie is an ex-ten-shun of our MANCAT cave!

  4. I love your pink and blue photo shoot!


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