Sunday, May 5, 2013

Roses! And more snow?

Maxwell: Papa brought momma roses for her birthday.

(As if his gift could compete with our May Snowpocalypse.
Oh by the way, did we mention that the ground was all white again Friday night too? It melted by morning.)

Allie: *wounded look* You mean...they're not for...ME?
(In all honesty, he usually does buy her one!)

Faraday: Seriously guys, you're looking at the wrong end. The ribbon is the Best Part!

We wish to apologize for our scarcity this past week - and most probably the coming week as well. 
May has turned into a bit of a boondoggle, what with all the balls being juggled up in the air.

There's the Jackson Galaxy fundraiser for local shelters...
BlogPaws mid-May...
Over 90 minutes worth of content to film - direct & produce - within 3 weeks (oy!)...
and a dear friend battling a recurring cancer. 

Please know that we are visiting, if not commenting as much as we'd like. 
(If a certain human's brain is too fried to type, she prefers to lurk!)

We hope to be back next weekend and we really look forward to June!


  1. LOVE Allie's look!
    And as for Faraday going for the ribbons, Simba here is a ribbon addict - been known to chew up curling ribbons on a few occasions and then barf up the bits.

    Those roses are very lovely. Kudos to Dad and Happy Birthday again to Mom.

  2. Hope you have a good week and all goes well and try and have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Poor Allie! We bet Mommy will share those pretty roses with you. :)

    And Moosey says he agrees ... the ribbon is the bestest part!

  4. What beautiful roses, I love the delicate color. Hope your mom had a happy birthday!

  5. Allie sure does look hurt! Faraday has the right idea. The ribbon is where the action is.

  6. It sounds like your human has her hands all sorts of full! We kitties are lucky - our biggest issues involve deciding whether to chew flowers or ribbons!

  7. Beautiful flowers! Happy birthday to your mommy!
    We totally understand about not commenting all the time, sometimes it's all we can do to read all of them, commenting is too much! When you have time, you will, and get that! Hugs and purrs that things settle down soon!

  8. très jolies fleurs d'anniversaire,
    à bientôt ronrons d'Opale et Sonye

  9. Sounds like a busy time 'round your place.....hope you don't see any more of that snow stuff! Roses are swell but ribbon is "sweller" for visiting and busy times - we understand - just drop by to say "hey" when you can.....

    Kitty hugs, Sam

  10. Good to see you guys enjoyed Mom's birthday mol. Tell her not to worry. Lurking is acceptable ;)

  11. I think you must have moved to Alaska!! SNOW???!! OMG!
    The roses are gorgeous and I am greatly looking forward to meeting you (finally) at BlogPaws!

  12. Don't worry--tell your human we still love her, and we were split between boys and girls here too regarding which end of the rose bouquet is the working end. Mr. Sunshine says it should be wrapped in cellophane so he can chew it and make me make funny noises.

  13. the ribbon is the best part ;)

    Don't feel compelled to comment.. do what you can, we'll all be here when you get a moment to yourself

  14. Those are beautiful roses. Our mom is so jealous that your mom gets to go to Blogpaws!

  15. Purrs to the Mom from us. Allie, we thinks you definitely deserve at least one of theese roses for sure!

  16. Those roses are pretty...we woulda ate them. :)

    And we'll say it again....NO MORE SNOW!!

  17. Oh Wow! Such beauteous Roses! Your Mommy is special! And me too thinks the ribbon is bestest!
    PS. We's been furry busy too, and has been so behind in commenting (and even visiting) that is A OK


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