Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Whiskers on Wednesday + You've Got MAIL!

Dramatic ones, courtesy of Allie.

 Special Delivery from BlogPaws!

Maxwell: What's this I spy? First class mail? For me?

 *looks left, then right* Better make sure Faraday's not lurking nearby ....

 Ahh, and now for my reading pleasure.  *sniiiiiffff* smells like cat people!

 *disgruntled look* DO YOU MIND? Mancat reading here!

Faraday:  Seriouslies, Maxie. You act as if any mail we receive isn't for ME. 

Who knew you were so delusional?



  1. those are fabulous lady cat whiskers. glad the boys enjoyed the card (which was for THEIR MOM)

  2. Oh my! Those whiskers should be on the big screen Hollywood style! What a fun kitty card you have there! Somepawdy was missing you kitties very much and thinking of you from BlogPaws! Maybe you be there next year? I didn't get a card from anypawdy when Mom was away. I didn't even get one from Myrtle the cat from her beach! You are lucky kitties!

  3. "Smells like cat people" Hoo haa hah haha!

  4. Most excellent whiskers there, Allie, clearly they were out and about doing their patrolling duty.
    Maxwell, dude, don't you just hate it when someone muscles in on your mail! Happens all the time here, so I have had to allocate all the brown ones to peep and the feline cat peep ones to me. Sounds like a good deal.... well I thought so. MOL
    Purrs, ERin


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