Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday's Purrs: Lilo

"Meet our sassy girl, Lilo!

With a tail that shakes like a rattlesnake when she gets excited (and she get excited a LOT) she is bound to bring unending happiness to your life.

Lilo was brought to KCPP when her family was moving and were unable to take her with them. She lived with other cats and dogs -- and while she did well with them, she mostly kept to herself and did her own thing.

Lilo is friendly to everyone she meets, but definitely enjoys her independence as well and will let you know when she needs some space.

Lilo's Loves:
 - playing with toys
 - sitting by the window and working on her tan
 - tuna (Bonito flakes are AWESOME.) 

Lilo's Not-Loves:
- not a huge fan of car rides
- not a fan of vacuums either, but hey, who is?

Lilo enjoyed sleeping in the room with her previous owner, and would love an owner who can show her the ropes with scratching posts.

Are you the home that is going to love Lilo forever? She's available at the Main Campus of KC Pet Project. Come meet her today!


  1. Lilo has beautiful markings. I hope she finds a new home soon.

  2. I think you should make lilo learn to ride the cars as she will feel my joyful while riding the cars. You can try with toy cars.

  3. lilo...ewe izza gorgeouz tabby N we noe R tabbies :) we iz knot a fan oh car ridez, vaccum masheenz ore turkee...just ta name a few ☺☺ we send de best oh mackerull, a tabby fave oh rite; that ya find & iz IN... yur foreverz home bye joolie 25th ~~~~ best best fishez two ewe ♥♥♥


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