Monday, September 10, 2018

Oops Mommy #FAIL

Faraday: Seriouslies, Mommy. I've been waiting, like, forever for my hug.

I'm afraid this will be noted in your Mid Year Review.

yesterday was...
National Hug Your Boss Day
(how did you celebrate?) 


  1. All of my bosses were hugged yesterday, even though I didn't know about this holiday! Manny, Chili Bruce, The Hubby, Angel, The PO'M and Sweetie! I think my performance review will be good on this one point...

  2. Uh oh... your mom's review may not be very good! MOL Mommy hugged me lots of times over the weekend, and Lexy even let her get in a hug. Her review will be "okay".

  3. oh no...hopefully she won't lose too many points on her review

  4. We got many hugs as usual, yay ! Purrs

  5. Uh oh. Mommy is BUSTED, huh, Faraday?

  6. Wait, wasn't yesterday Sunday? Well, maybe she thought it was her day off.


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