Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Pawparazzi Strikes Again

*cue clickety sounds of shutter*

Maxwell: *slitting one eye open* Don't look now dood, but there's a camera invading our space.

Faraday: Maybe if we ignores her an' stuffs, she'll go 'way, Maxie.
Maxwell: *squeezes eyes shut* Shhhhh. I'm ignoring her.

Faraday: *grumbling* Tha's what I SAID Maxie. Ignores her.

Maxwell: *sigh* Didn't work. She's still here.

The Mom: Wait, usually the grumpy one's Allie....

Maxwell: Well, I was up all night working on my boarding pass for my trip to Mars, Momma. I'm kinda beat....

Wait. What? 

* * *


  1. SQUEE! And I thought Manny and CB napping together was the end-all, be-all of my existence, but no...*sigh*

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  3. You look so cute sleeping toghether ! But wait, Maxwell, are you really going to Mars ? Purrs

  4. You guys look so cute. You'd think we kitties would be used to the pawparazzi by now.

  5. Maxwell, what's this Mars trip of which you speak???

  6. Mars? Tell us more! Plus mum's with flashy boxes don't go away.

  7. What a minute... what was that last comment????

  8. doodz...iz yur mom gonna fliez ewe ta marz...her could ya noe coz her
    haza licentz ...knot sure bout de plane...but her haza licentz !! ;) ♥♥

  9. Is that Mars or Jupiter you are going to Maxwell?

  10. That Pawparazzi! They're always sticking a lens all up in a cat's grill ;)

  11. Well....that's sure got Momma's attention...AND're going to MARS???? Thats sooooo exciting, how can you nap at a time like this??????
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


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