Friday, August 2, 2019

The Cat Days of Summer

We have the hots here; how about you?

Remember: cats don't sweat like humans, so if you do take them out for an afternoon walk, make sure they don't get overheated.

And protect those paws!  Even wooden decks can get uncomfortably hot and sear delicate paw pads!

Welcome, August!



  1. Our overnight temps have dropped, so that's a blessing! Both Sweetie and The PO'M like to nap underneath The Hubby's car, where the shade is cool.

  2. We'll stay inside in the nice cool A/C!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. we still have the hots here too.... sigh

  4. We’re having some excellent weather lately but we’re sure the hots will return.

  5. My human is very careful when taking me out! In summer, it's usually not until dinnertime, and even then only if the highs earlier in the day were in the 80s or lower.

  6. Hot for the peeps is bad I am glad I stay inside...but...well, when Minko was still here I would sneak outside through the doggy doors, MOL!
    But mostly at night, so that the warm sidewalk actually felt good, MOL!

    Stay cool, come winter though, we will be wishing it was summer again...

  7. These last couple of weeks have been really hot. We hope this weather cools down for you and everybody soon. Thanks for sharing the tip about the wood deck. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  8. Oh yes, we have the hots here, too! But luckily, we are inside only kitties. We love hanging out in the sunpuddles and by the cool air blowy thingy

  9. We had some very ho`t days (and nights) but it is more bearable now. Stay cool!

    Tama and Genji

  10. It is hot here too. And our deck also gets hot. But TBT provides some cooler deck paths. One goes out to the shade of the big plant pots. The other leads to the stairs we go down to the lawn. So there is always good cool spots and paths...


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