Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Cinco de-- HEY! Did someone say guac?

Ready to taste-test.

Sorry, what? M-O-V-E?
I don't think that word's translating properly.....

Besides, dood. You're, like, a week early. 
Cinco de Mayo's next Tuesday

And the avocados aren't even ripe yet....



  1. Best to be prepared, Maxie!
    P.S. The Hubby is a avocado aficionado; he'll put that stuff on everything, but I can only take a little at a time.

  2. You are too cute Maxie! I saw something on FB that made me giggle, the question was: 'Can you die from the lack of Mexican food?' MOL! Yes, I think you can!

  3. Goodness is it that time of year already? We better get ready for the fun

  4. MOL! Living here in Los Angeles, we never get the cinco and the sink mixed up - you are in el fregadero, Maxie!

  5. Cinco is one of those holidays one can't help but celebrate more than once!

  6. Maxwell, do you really like avocados?

  7. We celebrated early and had tacos yesterday.

  8. We cannot get enough of those yummy fruits! Yes they are a fruit and not a veggie...MOL!
    We eat them every day, YUM!

    Petcretary is off on May 5th this year so we can have some guacamole...home-made!

  9. We've never understood avocados... We are rural East Coast cats...


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