Monday, November 16, 2020

Monday Gruntles ™


The Mom: You, ah, look a bit scruffy, there, baby. What got your face fur all ruffled? 

Faraday: Who you calling scruffy, Mommy, huh? Have you looked inna mirror lately? 


Sorry Kiddo. I retract my comment....


* * * 


  1. Faraday, your eyes! They've got some green in them this morning!
    Some sort of kerfluffle happened, that made those nose furs go in the wrong direction, kiddo?
    P.S. be nice to your mama; she opens the cat food cans, ya know...

  2. Ruffled or not, Faraday, you are SO handsome!! But yes, do seem a bit disheveled, just a wee bit!
    Petcretary will look a lot more ruffled when she gets home form work, after wearing a mask and a face shield all evening long.

    Heavenly Purrs
    (Pipo & Minko)

  3. Faraday, that is exactly the mood I am in on Mondays - MOL!

  4. The humans are looking a bit scruffy after being socially distant for so many months.

  5. Mum does her best to remain presentable. Takes a shower, combs her hair and such.


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