2015 Nose-to-Nose Awards

The BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards are among the most prestigious in the industry, honoring excellence in content and judged - not by popularity - but by a panel of esteemed judges who evaluate submissions based on merit and quality.

And the best part of winning isn't a trophy - the chosen shelter for each winner is given  hundreds of pounds of food.

And that alone is worth our asking for your nomination.

We would do anything to help out the wonderful work Great Plains SPCA is doing in the midwest!

BlogPaws asks you to provide the following information:

Direct link or URL of blog ~ http://www.atonkstail.com
Name of Creator of work ~ Lisa Richman
Email of Blogger ~ tonkstail@gmail.com
[BlogPaws Community Profile ~ (not necessary)]
Facebook page ~ https://www.facebook.com/aTonksTail
Twitter Account ~ https://twitter.com/TonksTail

The categories we're eligible for are:

Best Cat Blog
This one's easy to nominate - no additional information required!

Best Mircoblog
All you'll need is our Instagram account, at www.instagram.com/tonkstail

For the rest of the categories, they ask you to provide a representative link they'll use to judge.
Here are a few that meant a lot to us:

Best Blog Post
Be the Change: Drones patrol/protect the Northern White Rhino

Best Pet Photo on a Blog:
    Faraday's Post-Holiday Fangs *lick!*

Best Pet Video on a Blog

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