Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Animals have Arrived At Furball!

Here's your Exclusive Sneak Peak of all the Super Double Top Secret Special Guests at tonight's Furball event for Wayside Waifs:

Oh My Cat...PUPPIES! Person's salivating. LOOK at these guys!

And now for the Patio Dogs - top bidder on these special animals tonight wins the opportunity to become their potential adopter!
Take a look at these special dogs...

A Landseer? Sounds like something you'd order from a catalog, but Person was impressed:

This boy is a 3 month old purebred bulldog named Sam:

A gorgeous purebred German Shepherd named Toby:

And last but certainly not least (well, okay, maybe she's the least in SIZE...) a Pomeranian named Angel:


  1. Oh my gosh - M fell in love with the two doggies in the top photo. They are all so cute tho.

  2. They *are* awfully cute ... for goggies! (I mean, if they couldn't be born cats, they're the next best thing, dontcha think? MOL!


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