Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"All About Me" Meme

Wow....we're sooo excited and honored to be tagged by Sebastian to tell you about our furry selves! We've never participated in a Meme before! So without further ado:

1. Where do you like to hang out?
ooh, I got this one! In the bathroom, upside-down, looking up Momma's nose.

But in the winter, I loves hanging out by the fireplace during the day and tucking my head under Momma's chin in bed at night. She sez I'm better than any 'lectric blanket!
The first night I spent in my new home, I curled up right alongside Momma and slept with my head on her pillow, just like Ryker always used to do. And I've never done it since - just that first night. Faraday came to live with us the next day.

 *I* like hanging wif daddy and the remote control. 
And sleeping under the covers wif my feet in Mommy's back all night long. Mommy always knows to worry if I start purring reeeeal loud when I'm under the covers...cuz that means she's about to get nipped!

 I'll hang ANYwhere those bratty boys aren't!

My favorite indoor spot (when the boys are far, far away) is in Dad's lap at the computer. I'm kinda of a Daddy's Girl. *giggle*

2. Who is your favorite kitty crush?

Maxwell: uh, can I choose Momma?
FaRADaY: I'm too young to have a crush, but any girlcat who wants to bring me food....
Allie: *sniff* silly boys! Me? Well, because of my past, I'm understandably a bit cautious.
You see, I was a young unwed mother. Just a girl myself, really. And I was abandoned - left all alone - *wails* DUMPED at Wayside Waifs' front door on a chilly October morning!
So I'm kind of cautious about my crushes. (Though D'Artagnan Rumbepurr's awfully handsome *bats eyes*)

3. What is your favorite scent?

FaRADaY: mmmmmm, FOOD!
Allie: I go for the more sophisticated scents...NIP for me.
Maxwell: oh I  dunno, my current fave is raw eggs. I think their texture's kinda fun to play with too. All goopy and stuff. I can play with it for hours on the counter, if Momma doesn't catch me....
FaRADaY: Maxie! *eyeroll* that's not a scent! Duhhh....

4. What is your favorite TV show?

FaRADaY: An' I just loves watching the Food Network wif Mommy & Daddy on the sofa.All that nommy FOOD....*sigh*
Maxwell: I used to like watching Exercise TV while Mommy worked out with it, but they just took it off the air, so I can't paw at the lady jumping around on the screen any more. Bummer....

5. What is your favorite movie?

Meowzers, Mommy & Daddy have been so busy they haven't watched a single movie since they got us in December! (Mommy's pretty shocked about that actually.) But we loves hanging in their laps while they read. Daddy loves military thrillers and Mommy loves scifi. (shh...or SF-romance. But it's cuz she has a friend who writes them and she sometimes edits them for her.)

6. What is the best piece of feline wisdom?
Give lots and lots of love. And snuggles and cuddles and purrs. We may be pretty young but in our short lives, we've noticed humans can often be pretty fragile and they tend to need a lot of Kitteh TLC.

Wow, now we get to pick three bloggers to answer these questions!

We pick:

JinJin & Pixel Rubinoff
Unca Ryker's Fave girl JazzydaCat
and our fave Grrly, Grrlsquirrel!


  1. Hi everybody! We just found your blog, and it's mighty nice to meet y'all! Stop by sometime if you want...we're all rescue kittiee living the good life in Las Vegas.

  2. Thanks for sharing about yourselves! We always love learning mor about our friends. :)

  3. Love your answers! Thanks for sharing with us :)

  4. Hi Farsday, Maxwell, and Allie. Nice meeting you boys and learning more about you. lI think the last time I saw your picture you were much smaller. he he - I think you are mancats now for sure.

  5. MAxwell: *earnest look * FANKS you! We tries very hard to be mancats for Momma.

    FaRADaY: *shoulders Maxie out of the way* An' I dictated it ALL for Mommy and made sure she got it right, too!


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