Saturday, July 9, 2011

What can YOU do with $14, an X-acto, and some tape?

While Momma wasn't looking, I took over her keyboard and found us some reeeeeally cool hangouts!

Yeah, no offense Mommy, but this TOTALLY beats your wimpy ManCat Cave on laundry day!
We want! We want! Daddy, can you do the MacGyver thingy please? PLEEEEEEASE??


  1. Loved the box fort. Chairman Meow - the one who rules our house with an iron claw - would be too dignified to do that. But, he might be tempted!

    Stopping by on the pet blogger hop - I especially liked your "Must Resist Puppy" post - I volunteer at the Etowah Valley Humane Society and the puppies are the toughest to leave behind every night when I shut the go home to my own three dogs and cat.

    Go to to see the very best cat band/cat lady video ever. It's destined to become a viral hit and you'll be one of the first to see it!

    Happy Caterday from Chairman Meow and his minions (the pups).

  2. Wow, that box fort is amazing! We'll have to put the humans to work on one for us immediately!

  3. FaRADaY: We soooo glad you stopped by, Cherie and Chairman Meow! Mommy just came back from Wayside Waifs and we told her NO MOMMY! NO MORE KITTEHS! (they're fee-waived this month).

    BTW, got any x-actos? Daddy's not moving fast enuf 4 us. We wanna has us a FORT!
    I'll share with @meowmeomans, promise!!

  4. *eyes spinning* That. Is. Pawsome. And all those toys! I want my own fort, too!

  5. Wow - I'm moving in with you guys cuz you have really neat stuff to play with.

  6. FaRADaY: Mario, oh we don't have one yet *glares at Daddy* but we intend to have one VERY VERY soon...right Mommy? *cheesy insincere grin*

  7. Maxwell: Sebastian, maybe we could talk our mommies into having a fort pawty! They could buy loads of exacto blades (and chocolate - humans seems to like that stuff and it makes them happy, go figure) and we might actually see some MOVEMENT on the FORT FRONT!


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