Thursday, November 10, 2011

Please help us get Jack's Law on the books!

The wonderful humans over at have begun a petition that will force airlines to modify the way they handle animals in transport situations.

We think the way American Airlines handled Jack's situation was horrible. Not only was he lost for over 2 months, he ended up suffering horribly and dying as a result.

As a pilot, Mommy is horrified by the stories she is hearing and has promised us we'll *never* EVER travel anywhere if we can't be in the cabin right with her! 

Please click over to THIS LINK HERE and sign the petition. Then share it with everyone you know. 
Let's get Jack's Law on the books!!


  1. we signed - thanks for pointing us there. mom says the same thing - no travel for us under the plane...she will drive!

  2. We signed. Mommy has followed this from the beginning. It made her so sad that her eyes leaked.

  3. My human has already signed! It is very important to get things changed for pets who have to fly ASAP!

  4. We think pets should always be transported like people. Pets are not cargo like clothes. They are mammals and need the same safety people do.

  5. Abby please do! We need the airlines to start seeing animals as living beings, and not cargo.

  6. I hope this law will pass! I have flown on an airplane 2 times, always in an under the seat carrier. I cannot imagine how skerry it would be to be lost in a giant airport.

  7. We signed this petition, and have asked others to do so, too!

  8. We been tweeting tonight that there's really no single good solution to this - some people don't like the idea of carriers being opened by the airlines to add GPS tags to the animals (as this petition suggests for a solution) because there's risk of the animals escaping Plus many animals won't tolerate collars.

    On the other hand, a GPS tracker would most definitely have saved Jack's life.

    Purrsonally, as a pilot, Mommy's read of at least one decompression sickness incident where - no matter what people did - the animal was doomed upon landing.

    Cargo holds (as they exist today) aren't really 100% safe for any living being.

    Abby we understand completely your position on and would love to see another major org (ASPCA? HSUS? Who?) work as an agent of change on behalf of animals traveling on airlines.


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