Monday, November 14, 2011

Remembering Ryker

Mommy was going through old photos of Ryker cuz we lost him to a blood clot one year ago today (11/14/2010).

While she was looking at his pictures, she thought she'd better scan them in so she'll have them digitally, too.
We told her to share them on our bloggie, so here they are!

Ryker at 4 months with older brother Caleb
Mowzers! He was TINY!

Ryker at 5 months
We Tonks are a handsome bunch, aren't we?

Mommy tried to fix Ryker's LAZER eyes here = FAIL! MOL

Ryker liked to kick older brother Caleb's fuzzy butt.
Here Caleb's telling the Little Whippersnapper to STAND DOWN.

Didn't Work. (MOL!)

Mommy thinks he had the most amazing eyes. (This picture was not retouched.)
He was Mommy's baby boy. (We're her baby boys, too)
RIP Ryker Richman
January 3, 1997 - November 14, 2010


  1. Ryker has the most amazingly beautiful blue eyes! Thanks for sharing these pics with us - hope it put a smile on your Mom's face to see her sweet boy and help you put this blog entry together! Sending #ComfortingPurrs and lots of love! And a big ((HUG)) too! purrr purrrr purrrrrrrr

  2. Great pictures and a lovely tribute to a lovely boy....

  3. Sigh. Sweet Ryker, beautiful boy.
    Your pal,

  4. What a gorgeous boy. So sorry for your loss. xo

  5. He was so handsome! Such lovely photo memories

  6. It's lovely to have those photos; thank you for sharing. The mom lost her Chumley to a blood clot almost 5 years ago now, but you never forget it.

    Sending purrs and hugs.

  7. Fuzzy - so true! We think it's cuz it's so sudden. Purrs to your Mom for Chumley.

    And fanks U all for your kind words and for indulging us as we reminisce!

  8. I still miss him and those amazing blue eyes. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. *hugs*

  9. Dat Ryker wuz a handsum mancat! We do all miss he so much. *HUGS* to u all.

  10. My heart broke a little too reading your post. What an awesome kitty, Ryker was. Purrs to you today.

  11. Mommy's waiting to get home with us to bawl her eyes out - MOL! She holding strong at work, but it's not easy with all the kind, thoughtful words you post here. THANK YOU!

  12. Thanks for sharing your photos of the handsome Ryker.

  13. What a beautiful boy he was! Thanks for sharing these pictures. I am so sorry for your loss ...the first anniversary is always the hardest.

    Your pal, Pip

  14. We love seeing Caleb getting teased and giving the bitey and the whap back!!

  15. Beautiful tribute fur a beautiful boy. xoxo

  16. What a boy. Stunningly so.

  17. What a handsome and wonderful boy Ryker was. We are thinking of you all today, and sending lots of purrs and prayers of comfort.


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