Friday, January 20, 2012

Local Hero Dog Saves His Mom, Inaugurates Women's Shelter "Pet Wing"

You know that whole "six degrees of separation" thing? Well, this was a post we just had to share, since we have a second-degree "purrsonal connection" to it!

Well.... you don't Faraday, but our big sister, Allie does.

Besides, it's just a pawesome, wonderful story about a brave dog who stood between his mom and certain death.

We're referring to the story that was picked up this week by MSNBC, the New York Daily News, TIME magazine and, about a Great Dane named J Matthew.

When J Matthew saw his mom being beaten with a hammer (!!) he thrust himself between her and the abusive man who was doing this to her.

As a result, they were both beaten nearly to death - but they feel certain that without his brave intervention, she would certainly have died.

Now here's where our connection come in ----

Many battered women refuse to leave abusive situations because domestic violence shelters will not make room for their beloved pets --in some cases, they might be only source of unconditional love a person has.

Well, in this case, the woman turned to the Rose Brooks Center, in Kansas City, MO. Rose Brooks has been working with my Alma Mater, Wayside Waifs, for over a year now to develop a way women and pets can stay together. (Wayside also has, for some time, been quietly helping out on a case-by-case basis, too. Isn't my Alma Mater wonderful?!?)

Well, the incredible woman who now functions as the Chief Development Officer at the Rose Brooks Center is the same lady who used to be Wayside's Development Director. She'd wander in and give me chin scritches when I was just a scrappy little Waif myself.
*dreamy look*   Marla's my role model!

And we sincerely hope that the partnership between Wayside Waifs & The Rose Brooks Center -- and Rose Brooks' open door policy toward animals -- serves as a role model for other organizations around the world.

So from all of us at A Tonk's Tail to wonderful, fabulous Marla and the team at Rose Brooks Center ...
HIGHPAW! We salute you!

Please join us on Twitter from noon today through noon tomorrow  -- Jan. 21-22.
We're gonna party as only animals can to raise funds for Wayside Waifs!
Be sure to use the hashtag #pawpawty when you join in.


  1. I just posted this story too, I am pulling together a social media fundraising campaign and need volunteer partners if you have any interest!!

  2. Yay for the Rose Brooks Center & Wayside Waifs - more women's shelters need to set up an Open Door Policy for pets!

  3. Replies
    1. FaRADaY: Fanks you Miz Layla!
      Maxwell: yes, Fanks you!! *shy wave*

  4. We hope these 2 wonderful organisations will inspire many more to adopt the open door policy for pets.

  5. A big hearted brave dog and big hearted brave people!


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