Sunday, August 19, 2012

One Very Special Black Cat

Since last Friday was Black Cat Appreciation Day, we thought featuring Mommy's shelter love for today's Extreme Pet Blog Hop would be appropriate.

Meet Juno, a five year old Bombay girl. (Can a cat really be that incredibly soft and silky?)
She's not terribly fond of other cats, but desperately wants to bond with "her" human.

She has a funny little non-meow..actually it's more of a "RAWWWWK!"

...and of course, that classic shortened Bombay nose. (Can you believe people actually pass by her kennel and have the temerity to laugh at her?!? Oh that's just not right...)

We think this Bombay girl has the kind of looks that only a connoisseur has the taste to appreciate.
An Audrey Hepburn refined air with a Katherine Hepburn voice.
Oh sure, anyone can fall in love with your basic tabby. To fall in love with Juno requires a special person, someone with an appreciation for subtlety.

Juno's "sultry" look

How can anyone not appreciate such soulful eyes...especially when they come with a Faraday-esque personality? We're not kidding - this gal is his female doppelganger!

And like Faraday, she's talkative and confident with those she knows and loves - and skittish around strangers. That may be why she's still not yet found her forever home.

Besides the fact that she's black.

And the fact that some people can't appreciate the elegance of her Bombay profile.

Juno, chatting Mommy up about the kind of home she's looking for

Mommy's screening applicants VERY carefully, and there's even talk about "background checks" to make sure a potential adopter's really worthy of her (MOL!).

Seriously, she's stolen Mommy's heart...and she prays someone very special will come along who will appreciate the fabulous kitty that is Juno.

Juno is available for adoption at Wayside Waifs, Missouri's largest no-kill animal shelter and rescue resource.


  1. Paws crossed for Juno. Have a wonderful peaceful Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. we got our paws crossed that Juno's special family shows up really quick. she is lovely!!!

  3. How could ANYONE laugh at that beautiful girl! If someone laughed at any kitty in the shelter I don't think they have the kind of heart that *I* would want in someone adopting ME! Laughing? That's awful. Juno, you are past perfect, absolutely beautiful and if mommy didn't have me and me being manically territorial with her..I feel that mommy would adopt this beeautiful girl. Seriously. She'd arrange transport.

  4. Paws crossed! She's soo pretty. I love black pets. I have a special affinity for all beings black and beautiful.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  5. She is stunning!!! I sure hope her forever home finds her really soon!

  6. Awww! Keep us updated on her search? xx

  7. She's BEAUTIFUL!!! We didn't even know what a Bombay Kitty was...and we think her face and profile is absolutely adorable. ...Glogirly is in love. Again.
    ; ) (((purrs))) ...yes, keep us posted.
    xo, Katie

  8. Wow, Juno is really one special kitty! I would think humans would be lining up for her!

  9. We think Juno is GORGEOUS! And there is nothing wrong with her profile—it's very like Mimi's or Mewsette's,and the world thinks they are beautiful, right? We'll wish for a hope for Juno soon!

  10. Juno is beautiful. We had a cat who I suspected was Bombay in our shelter. I called her "Bat Girl" because her shorter nose and big ears made her look a little like bat. And of course Bat Girl is a great firl super-hero! I hope Juno finds her forever family.

  11. Oh! She is gorgeous! Mommy is in loves with her!

  12. Juno really is a beauty! Did you know there is a Bombay on the cover of October's Cat Fancy? They are the centerfold too! Mom will bring the issue to Wayside so all the volunteers can read about the breed and help Juno find her forever home.

  13. What a sophistiCATed looking girl she is! We wish her the best of luck. You are right, you can't be too careful. Our all black cat, Carl, is half Persian. So his head is very round and his nose very, very short. It looks like his muzzle is glued on a ball. But its so cute!

    PeeS. We're glad your link is back. We knew it used to be there!

  14. Juno is a very pretty cat! We hope that she finds the purrfect home soon!

  15. She's really very beautiful. I hope she finds her peeps really soon. purrs

  16. What a beautiful ladycat! We hope she finds a wonderful forever home, even if it's with you.

  17. We have never seen, nor heard about, a cat breed Bombay...beautiful!! thank you, paw pats, Savannah


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