Monday, July 8, 2013

Still too cool for paws? No!

We've enjoyed a very wet and mild spring so far, and our summer's not been too bad, either. Because of that, it becomes easy to forget how quickly paved surfaces can become hot. It happens far more rapidly than you may realize.

We researched this through the US National Library of Medicine, and found three studies at the National Institutes of Health that prompted us to create this graphic. Please feel free to share this - if it saves even one dog from injury, it's worth it!
Please click the infographic to see a larger version.

35 seconds - thirty five! - and you have a second degree burn. 
And while a wooden deck may not be a 'perfect black body' like asphalt is, (the scientific term for a surface that absorbs heat most efficiently) even wood can be too hot for the paws of a dog or cat to handle. So when our cats go walkabout in their harnesses on a hot summer day, I'm careful to set them down in shady spots, or in the grass. 
When in doubt, invoke the 7 Second Rule: if the back of your hand can't take the heat, your pet's paws can't either.


  1. Ouch! We hope everycat and woofie stays safe in the heat.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. That's a GREAT reminder....heat burns.....PERIOD!

    Happy Monday
    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  3. Pinned it. That's why we never go out when the heat is scorching... Even cement can get hot. What more asphalt

  4. Wow - that's amazing. Scooter and Alice stay inside all day and we don't worry about this. But, just in case anything changes, it is sure important to know.

  5. Thank you for posting this. It's not something most pet owners even think about!

  6. Thanks for sharing this information. Too often we don't think about the mundane things when it comes to our pet's safety and comfort. We know not to leave them in closed up cars, but I bet lots of us have never thought about their little toesies. Janet

  7. Thank you for thinking about the pups today...Momz said the 7 sedond rule is great info and she's shared it everywhere


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