Sunday, April 13, 2014

Exclusive Coverage: Faraday interviews drone pilot

Faraday: I'm here today with former drone pilot, Mission Commander and all around aviation geek genius, Brian R. (also known as my human brother, but I digress.)

Today's interview is a sneak peek into the Fabulously Incisive Reporting we'll be doing for April's Be The Change for Animals Blog event this Tuesday, 4/15.

Stay tuned for a riveting (and seriously guys, a very important) post.

But for now, we join Brian, recently returned to us from Kenya. Brian?

Brian: uh, yeah. Hi. This is a little weird, being interviewed by you, y'know.

Faraday: Yeah, yeah. So, cutting to the chase here:
                 Is it true you went to Kenya to visit with my Great Uncle Mortimer?

Great Uncle Mortimer and Aunt Flo. Can you see the resemblance?

Brian: Well, I --
Faraday: And is it true that I inherited my bad teeth from my Aunt Flo?

Seriously. a little brushing would not be amiss, here.
Brian: Uh, I'm not --
Faraday: Uh-oh, don't look now, but Aunt Flo's giving you the stink eye.
                What'd you say to her anyways?

No one glares like Aunt Flo. No one.
Brian: Actually, I didn't --
Faraday: Did they mention me, their wildly successful and famous American nephew, while you were there? I'm sure that was a hot topic of conversation, wasn't it. Right? Right?

Patrician nose? Check. TOTAL FARADAY FAMBLY TRAIT.
Brian: Really, it never --
Faraday: Aaaaand that's all the time we have today folks! Thanks for joining us as we venture into the wilds of Africa for a reunion of epic proportion. EPIC!


Brian: You do realize your post title is totally misleading. We never talked about drones, or the positive ways they're being used in Africa, at all. 

Faraday: *waves paw* Yeah, details, details.

Please join us this Tuesday, when we promise to do just that!


  1. But Faraday, you *did* "drone" on and on about yourself. Hahaha! (Not in a bad way, no cat could ever do that!)

  2. have some pawsome relatives! Great interview!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. LOL details. Fuzzy Tale's comment had us chuckling.
    Have a serene Sunday and let us all have some of that big easy today.

    Best wishes Molly

  4. We thought it was a great innerview. MOL!
    Happy easy Sunday, furriends.

  5. Wowwie! Me KNEW yous had famous relatives, but a human brother who is a DRONE pilot! Mes is in awe.

  6. MOL! Way to steer the interview the way YOU wanted it to go, Faraday! :)

  7. WOW! You have some majorly impressive relatives, for sure.


    Ummm... If you get a mo, please stop by my blog 'cause there's a special little somethin' waitin' for you there. purrs

  8. Whoa! Aunt Flo's ears of annoyance are very impressive! Hahaha.
    But you're right, Faraday, we DO see the resemblance of the, uh, ginormous nosepads. MOL!

  9. OH MY those were some rather large relatives Faraday.

  10. LOL! Awesome! Got Mom and I laughing!

  11. Wow, you have pawsome impressive relatives, Faraday ! You're the best interviewer ever : you already know the answer before asking the question ! Amazing ! Purrs, Zorro

  12. I like your interviewing technique Faraday.

  13. MOL! Aren't you supposed to let whoever you are interviewing talk, at least sometimes? My human had to remind herself that occasionally - it makes her blush to hear so much of her voice on interview recordings when she was a rock journalist!

  14. I'm sure Faraday got to all the facts he thought were important.. :) Welcome home Brian, I'm sure everyone was very happy to see you

  15. Great interview! We wish all news commentators could be like you.

  16. Those are some impressive relatives you have over there, Faraday!

  17. Faraday, we like how you interview. :)

  18. oh my cats...we can't get past the FEDORA! Smashing.

  19. A fab interview - I like your style!!

  20. *squintie eye* They really yoor auntie & unca Faraday? I thot I was yoor unca..... Anyhew...very revealing interview m'boy...tho Brian needs to hone his 'in yoor face; talk to da paw; I's plead da 5th' answers a bit. Can't wait for the follow up....go get'm poachers y'all! *purrrrr*

  21. Wolf Blitzer better look out. He's got SOME competition!
    ; )

  22. i've been sitting here wondering, where does Uncle Mortimer and Aunt Flo live? are they wild lions or are they at a zoo??

    1. No, actually, they're at Ol Pejeta, in Kenya! See Tuesday's post:

      Woot! My great uncle's a rock-star! ~ Faraday

  23. But Faraday did drone on and on, didn't he! MOL! XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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