Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday's Waif: Navan

My heart goes out to this guy.

He clearly falls into the "less adoptable" category on more than one count:

First: he's a black cat. Did you know they're five times more likely to be euthanized in a shelter environment, simply because of their color?

Second, he's blind in one eye.

Third, he's ear-tipped. Yes, some people don't want a scarred cat - and others are wary of what they consider to be a "street cat".

But let me tell you about this lovable guy.
Or rather, I'll let him tell you about himself:

"Thanks for taking a moment to read about me!

My name is Navan, and I'm a handsome shorthaired black kitty with a patch of white on my belly.

I came to Wayside as a stray. I must have had a rough life out there, fending for myself, because I was in pretty bad shape when I got here.

I have multiple scars due to fighting, and my right eye is badly damaged and I can't see out of it. But that hasn't gotten me down at all.

In fact, here at Wayside, I'm becoming known for having one of the best purrs of all the cats here. I enjoy being petted. I will let you know how much, of course, by purring!

And at 6 years of age, I still have lots of playfulness left in me. My favorite toy is a feather wand -- so much fun!

When I had my Felineality test, they said I'm a Leader of the Band! That means I'm a bold, confident kitty who loves people and loves adventure.

Do I sound like the purr-fect boy for you? Come to Wayside and ask for Navan.

Love, Navan"

Navan is available today at Allie's Alma Mater:  Wayside Waifs.


  1. Navan seems pretty awesome! I think his "imperfections" give him character!

  2. Navan, WE think you are very handsome, and you sound like a very awesome kitty. We are purring and praying you find the forever home you so deserve. And SOON!

  3. He's a sweetheart, a real love, and we don't see any "imperfections," frankly. We're sending him purrs that a terrific human falls in love with him and gives him his forever home soon.

  4. oooo - mom lurvs her some handsome house panther. but for the ear, that could be Mozart (except mom fell into the "foster failure" catagory with him). Good luck Navan!!

  5. Navan you handsome one eyed black kitty we so wish you well and we are sure the right person will see you and give you a forever home. Our paws are crossed. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. One of our Angels, Ming the Merciless was a one eyed kitty and was Dads right paw for many a year.
    We will help spread the word for Navan!

  7. The ones that are 'less adoptable' usually fall into the irresistible category for me. Like this cutie.

  8. Soft woofs for a forever home!

  9. We are purring and praying for a good home for sweet Navan. If there were not already seven of us taken in here, we'd have him come live with us in less than a heartbeat!

  10. Huge purrs and prayer for a furrever home for Navan.


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