Friday, January 22, 2016

Boh-NEE-to Flakes!

Faraday: LOOOOOOOOOK! Boh-NEEEEE-to flakes!!

I got sprung from da V-E-T and this package was on the counter from Aunt Connie when Mommy brought me inside!!!



(check out da pearly whites!)

Oh Bonito Flakes, how I loove youuuu....

Allie: Brat, you're totally high on painkillers. And you're snorting like a piglet.

Faraday: I am? Cooool.

Faraday is home, safe and sound, less one painful tooth.
And Allie's right, he's high as a kite.
(And a bit wheezy with a touch of tracheitis from being intubated.)

Thank you for all your well wishes and kind thoughts!



  1. Oh so glad you are fine (fine as frog's hair apparently --teehee) Faraday and yahoo for bonito flakes!

  2. Oh Faraday, I love you!!! So glad you're home safe and sound and enjoying a tasty snack :)

  3. So glad you are having a good 'trip' :) and glad to hear you only lost one toof.

  4. So glad to read the good news. *Get freaky for those flakes!*

  5. Yay for good drugs and Bonito flakes!
    Good that only one tooth was taken :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. Not only are you back, Faraday, you're high and getting treats! I'd say that was worth one less tooth.

  7. Wow, you sure have them big eyes...the better to see the bonito flkes, MOL!! Glad you are home and dling as well an=s any space cadet...MOL!

    POTP to you and nevfur mind the taunts of your furblings...they just are jealous of your extra attentions, we think...MOL!

    1. dling as well an=s any

      We think meowmy must be high on something...that should be:

      Doing as well as any.........

  8. Glad you are home and feeling good. Your eyes are showing you are high as a kite. What fun! I have never had Bonito Flakes but have heard a lot about them. You deserve them after being so brave.

  9. Dang! If going to the vet gets us bonito flakes, we wanna go! Nah....we're sure we can finagle bonito flakes from the mom without going to the vet. ;). We're glad you're doing okay, Faraday!

  10. Glad to hear you're home, safe and sound, and on good meds.


  11. All of us here are very glad he is a-ok. And a little bit of a piggie cat if those photos are anything to judge by

  12. We're glad everything went well ! We luvluvluv Bonito Flakes too, and you deserve it for your bravery ! Purrs


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