Thursday, March 31, 2016

Orange you glad it's Thursday?

We are!

And we have two very unique Oranges to share with you today!
(you did know most orange moggies are male, right?)
We're celebrating Orange Girlcat Power here today, with two very Eligible Bachelorettes:
Godiva and Ruby.

Up first: Godiva.
"Pleased to meet you! I'm Godiva, and I think they call me that cause I'm very sweet, like those fancy chocolates by the same name."

"I'm so thankful you are taking a moment to read about me. I came to Wayside from another shelter that was low on space, but I'm excited to be here, where I can find my forever person or people.

I don't mean to brag, but I've heard people say that I'm one of the cutest kitties at Wayside. They say I have an adorable little face and and a chubby little body. I have cute little freckles on my nose."

"I'm a very friendly, affectionate girl. I love to have my tummy rubbed and my back scratched. I also enjoy sitting on laps, so if you have one of those, that would be great! At my previous shelter, I was housed with other cats and got along just fine with them.

I also like children. So, if you have a cat or a kid who needs a friend, I may be a good fit."

"There's one more thing you should know about me: I am FIV-positive. But really, FIV isn't as scary as it sounds, honest! It just means that my immune system is somewhat compromised, so it's extra important that I have an indoors-only lifestyle and get good food and regular veterinary care.

That's what any great adopter would give a cat, right? I have my own room at Wayside, and I hope you will drop in on me soon

Love, purrs and orange headbutts,

Next up: RUBY!

"Hello there! My name is Ruby! I think they call me that because of my beautiful red (or orange) coat. Oh, and also because I'm a real gem. I'm a sweet, talkative, domestic shorthair girl who loves people very much."

"I'm declawed on all four paws. I was surrendered to Wayside because my previous person was moving and couldn't take me along. I was pretty scared and shy when I first came to Wayside, but the the wonderful staff and volunteers here have been working with me, and I have come a long way in a pretty short time.

I adore affection, and I love being petted on my neck, head, chin and ears. However, I'm not at all fond of being picked up. For that reason, I should go to a home with no children under the age of 5."

"I really love to play, too, and my favorite toy is a wand toy. It's so much fun! Wayside has a new program called Slumber Paw-ty, where potential adopters can take pets home for a trial run before making a commitment. I am eligible for that program."

So, if you're thinking about adding a ruby-red bundle of sweetness and love to your life, why don't you come to Wayside and check me out?

(Psst! Guess what? You might be able to see me LIVE on Wayside's Kitty Cam today!
Be sure to wave hello if you do!)

I can't wait to meet you!
Love and orange purrs,

These gorgeous orange girls are both available at Allie's Alma Mater, Wayside Waifs.

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  1. What beautiful orange kitties! Ruby looks like our neighbor Callie! Seriously, they could be sisfurs! Our mommy has never had an orange kitty but she hopes to one day. We hope both of these kitties find their furever homes soon!

  2. Whoa! Two orange girls! Make sure the humans working there tell everyone how special and unique you are.

  3. Whoa! Two orange girls! Make sure the humans working there tell everyone how special and unique you are.

  4. Gingerness! Hope you all get furrever homes soonest.

  5. What lovely girls! Anybody would be lucky to have either of them.

  6. Surw hope those beauties find great new homes. Quickly, too!

  7. News flash!! BOTH GIRLS WERE ADOPTED!!!


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