Thursday, March 31, 2016

We know it's a bit nosy, but ...

Mind if we ask you a personal question?
Do you have certain blogs you just love to visit?

Web sites you've made a part of your morning routine?
Your lunchtime laugh? Your after-dinner entertainment?

(okay, that was more like five questions)

Maybe there's someone whose sense of humor brightens your day.
Perhaps they inspire you to do better, to reach farther, to expand your knowledge.
Here's your chance to tell them thanks, in a big way.
BlogPaws is asking you to nominate your favorite pet bloggers, now through April 11.

The Nose-to-Nose Awards are among the most prestigious in pet social media, honoring excellence in content. They're judged - not by popularity (and not by Faraday, we promise) - but by a panel of pet advocates, writers, bloggers, and pet industry experts.

Not THAT kind of judge, Faraday. And no, you weren't invited to help.
These judges evaluate submissions based on merit and quality, not by how many followers you have, nor by how long you've been blogging.

We'll be nominating our favorites, and we encourage you to do the same. And if we've brought a smile to your face or brightened your day just a little bit, it would mean the world to us if you chose to nominate us as well. Did you know in all the years we've been blogging, we've never been finalists?

How it works

There are twelve categories available. Some are more specific, like Best Photo, and others are more broad, like Best Humor Blog.

Remember how Maxie got his tooth back? This is one of our very favorite photos.

BlogPaws asks you for three pieces of information when nominating a blog.
Here's ours:
Direct link or URL of blog ~
Name of creator of work ~ Lisa Richman
Email of blogger ~


Nose-to-Nose Categories

Best Cat Blog
This one's easy to nominate - no additional information required!

And if you have a can't-miss dog blog, a must-see pet Facebook page or a deserving non-profit site, there are special categories for them, too.

Some ask you to provide a representative link they'll use to judge.
Here are a few of our favorites:

Best Blog Video
This year, we were honored to be able to share a very special message with you:

“For the Animals”  

This message is from bloggers, animal advocates and pet lovers around the world to future generations. It's a wish for a better tomorrow, a hope for a brighter future. 

These are real people, and their actual voices, photos and videos from all over the world. It's no exaggeration to say this was truly a labor of love. To be nominated for Best Video would mean so much to so many.
You'll need this link to the blog post where it’s embedded:

And in case you haven't yet seen it, go grab a tissue and click play :-)
We hope it touches your heart as much as it has ours.

Next, is National Love Your Pet Day.
We celebrated this day with a catchy tune and tons of real people snuggling with their furry family members. It's a tribute to the love we all share.

Here's the link:

Best Humor Blog

These are the posts that make our mom giggle every time she looks at them.
Do your humans go back and giggle at things over and over? Or is ours just weird like that?

PeeMail: “Oops.”

PeeMail: “You’re not the Boss of Me!”

Watch your back, Maxie…

The Mystery of the Missing Meal

Best Blog Photo

Breaking Mews: TWO Tooth Fairies!
Photo: Maxie got his tooth back (“13.png”)

That look you get when you think you won the lottery…
photo: HOLY CAT! (“olyCat.png” yes mommy misspelled it!)
photo: Nooo-o-o-o (“pawluv.png”)

One Word Wednesday: Pensive
Photo: Dramatic Faraday (“squeaks.png”)

The End of Lounger Wars?
Photo: Confrontation!

A Heartfelt Thank You

We know this takes time out of your day to nominate us. I wish we could adequately express how very much that means to us ~ especially as our mom's health issues have limited our ability both to blog and to visit other bloggers.

We value your friendship and cherish every comment you leave with us.

Thank you for sharing our joy of cats - especially three characters who have utterly stolen our hearts and who charm us, each and every day.



  1. Each and every day, from so far away, mornings have that extra ray of sunshine when we open your posts. We will be casting our nominations just as soon as peeps stops snoring and has fed me, the other way around if I can manage it. purrs your oft soggy pal in the UK

  2. I love your blog and you SO deserve to be a finalist, if not out and out win in any of these categories!

  3. I always make sure I visit your blog being one of my favourites. I hope this is the year that you become a finalist, or better still a winner.

  4. We sent nomination! We love your blog and hope you will be the finalist!

  5. Darlings, each time I come here I never do anything but smile. You are dear.

  6. We LOVE your blog and all three of you kitties. Good luck!!

  7. Your blog rocks and you deserve some wins!

  8. we LOVE you guys....and that video was certainly a labor of love

  9. I haven't submitted my nominations but you will be at the top of my list!!! You're our first stop every morning :)

  10. You know how much we love you. We gotcha back on the Nose-to-Nose awards! MOL!

  11. I cannot believe you haven't been a finalist. I will get to nominating. I am so sad I will not be there this year to see everyone.

  12. Your blog is one of our "Must Read" in Feedly, we hope you become a finalist this year ! Purrs

  13. You are definitely a must read. I love that photo with the tooth too :)

  14. LOL! We are on the same thought train today! I'll be picking my nominations this weekend...I do need a cat blog... ;)

  15. guys....done, done and done and we waz veree happee ta due sew .... we got all 984 paws crossed for ewe ♥♥♥♥ seer ee iz leez ☺

  16. Video :- I got to voice over Faraday at the end, That still thrills me to bits.

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

  17. We truly enjoy reading/seeing your blog; It makes us giggle, and your pics are furstastic, too!


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