Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Celebrating World Gratitude Day

Every once in a while, tucked between the Banana Festivals and Miniature Golf Days (yeah, they're both "holidays" today, too) ...

You come upon a day that really should be observed. 

So today, we'd like to take this opportunity to share with you the things we're grateful for.

Like a safe, warm home (and sunpuddles).

Food to eat, humans who love us. And yes I suppose, even a veterinarian for when we fall ill.

Well, I'm grateful for my vishus claws. (and my snakey)


And for the fact I has all my fangs (unlike somekitties I know).

For those lovely boxes (may they not continue to disappear before we are finished with them).

And for those times I outsmart Mommy and get to go OUTSIDE. (for 5 seconds)

For those times Maxie's not looking and I can snag a catnap in the lounger.
(*ahem* We'll deal with that in a moment, Allie ...)

Most of all, we want you to know how very much it means that you share your time with us.
(With our crazy antics, utter ridiculousness, silly adventures and all.)

Most of all, we're grateful for you.



  1. Mom and I are grateful for all the smiles you give us with your antics and wonderful pictures.

  2. we are grateful to call you friends.....

  3. What a lovely post. We are grateful for our home and our friends... just to name a few things.

  4. Those are such good things to be grateful for, that is for sure. What great pictures of all of you. We are grateful to come see all of you too. Great fun for us. Have a great day.

  5. What an excellent post! And I am grateful for you all and how your pictures and stories always make me smile. :)

  6. What a lovely post ! We are grateful to have found your blog and to call you furriends. Purrs

  7. guys...we iz grate full ta call ewe friendz... & that we can stop bye heer
    when we due.... N ya due knot haz a lot of "burd" ree lated postz ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  8. We are very thankful for our feline friends who always make us laugh!

  9. My human and I are grateful for so much! And my human is always grateful for me. ;-)

  10. This is embarrassing to say because I'm a dog, but I'm grateful for you guys. We love your blog and seeing the amazing photos of you all most days.

  11. You bring a smile to our faces EVERY DAY ... so thank you for that. How can you NOT fall in love with those faces and their personalities?

  12. Those are such great things to be grateful for...'specially snakey. You guys always make us smile.

  13. Such wonderful things for which to be grateful, sweet friends. We're so thankful for you, too!

  14. And so are we...grateful for having been purr-ivledged to get to know all of you!!


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