Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday's Purrs: Vera

Every Thursday, beginning this week, we'll be adding another great no-kill shelter into our kitty spotlight schedule: KC Pet Project.

This week, we'd like you to meet Vera.

Vera's photo courtesy Jill ReneƩ Photography. Used with permission.

According to the staff and volunteers at KC Pet Project, Vera may be the current queen of the Cat Adoption Room! We hear that she can usually be found on top of one of cat trees, looking down on her subjects.

All kidding aside, this is one girl who is just too sweet to be "in charge." She is a free roamer, though - which means that she doesn't have to stay cooped up in a kennel.

That also means you never know where you might find this pretty girl hanging out when you come to visit her in the Adoption Room. And once you meet her, you'll see why: she's a real social kind of gal! Vera loves being around people and she loves the company of other cats.

This lady is gifted with beautiful markings and incredibly soft fur. But be careful - she's kind of addictive. And she's not above begging to be picked up and carried around the room, too (something many otherwise friendly cats might not be too thrilled with!).

Come in and meet this dignified lady and let her work her magic on you.
You'll quickly see what a great addition she would be to your family!



  1. Beautiful kitty and such a perfect name for her!

  2. What a pretty kitty! We hope she finds a great home soon :)

  3. Vera is beautiful. Her purrsonality really shines through

  4. vera; waves two ewe gorgeouz.....we hope thiz message finds ewe signin sum adopt shun paperz ....coz yur for everz peepulz R like rite ther...sayin....will ewe adopt uz pleez...N yur like...oh kay ♥♥♥ de best oh fishes two ewe N we hope yur IN you new place bye monthz end ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  5. Her heart must be every bit as beautiful as she is on the outside! My niece is still hoping for a cat ... and Vera sounds perfect ...

  6. She is beautiful, I hope she gets a forever home soon.


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