Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday's Purrs: Lexy


"Hello out there! Can anyone help me with my classified ad submission? (no opposable thumbs and all, you know)

Or maybe I should just ask for one lap that would be made available to me - a lot of the time.

Thoughts? Ideas? The wording for ads like these is so critical, I think - don't you?"

"I may have been classified as a 'stray' when I first came here, but let me assure you - I know all about laps. You could even say I'm a bit of a lap connoisseur!

The folks around here say I'm quite the social cat. If you come near my kennel, I'll be right there, waiting to see if you are going to open the door. I'm exceedingly pettable, if I do say so myself, and I have incredibly soft fur. If you'll come over to visit, just take a seat so I can test drive your lap, please?

I don't ask for much in a forever home, just people who will love me -- and let me sit in their laps. (and no other kitties, please - I am kind of selfish of your time that way. *embarrassed look*)

And at 11 years young, I've left all that silly kitten-headed nonsense (like ricocheting off your forehead at 4 in the morning) behind me, too.

Winter's coming!  Wouldn't you like access to a gorgeous lap-warmer like myself?

Purrs and head-butts,

Lexy's been at KC Pet Project's Main Adoption Center for a long time. In fact, she's been there the longest of all the cats there, so it's time she finds her forever human, don't you think?
Come meet her today!



  1. Hey Lexy! We wish you good luck finding a home real soon!

  2. lexy...hay ewe gorgeouz.....we wood bee happee ta help ewe rite yur add, happee ta ask R awesum pal st francis... two help yur for everz peepulz ...find ther way to KC pet project { him iz awesum in that line oh werk two } sew they can sign paperz ta take ewe home ~~~~ we send de best oh bloo gil & trout that yur IN yur foreverz by de end oh de month ~~~♥♥♥♥♥

  3. Such a pretty girl, I hope she gets a home soon.

  4. You're a beauty, Lexy! I hope someone brings you home with them very, very soon!

  5. Awww, sweetheart, we hope you can find a live warm lap all for yourself...soon!!

  6. Update: Lexy has found her forever home!!! We sure miss her at the shelter, but are so grateful she finally found the purrfect lap!!!!


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