Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday's Purrs: Cookie

"Hello! My name is Cookie, and I'm 3 years old - just out of my teenage years!"

This is me before my surgery. Hurt and scared, but safe now.

"Well, to be honest -- I haven't had much of a childhood. You see, I was abandoned when I was barely out of kittenhood. I had to grow up fast!

Thankfully, there have been a few kind souls who have looked out for me during these rough few years. A kind lady who fosters has been feeding me.

There are so many things that can harm a young girl forced to fend for herself, you know?"

Me, contemplating how scary life was ....

"One day, I showed up injured, and this kind human gathered me up and took me to get me the help I needed. She brought me to Dr. Bassett at Small Creatures Animal Hospital here in the Kansas City area.

Dr. Bassett discovered my injury was so severe my back leg had to be amputated. But no worries!  I get along just great with my remaining three!

Dr. Basset also says I'm a very healthy girl - and even gave me all my vaccinations."

Will anyone want me, after I lose this damaged leg?

"I have to admit, being homeless has made me a bit scared of new situations. After all, my first humans abandoned me  ....

But my foster human has shown me that humans - and other cats - can be trusted."

Me, safe and secure, dreaming of my forever home!

And the other cats have convinced me that there is a human waiting out there just for me. *sigh*  Wouldn't that be wonderful?  A home, safety, food ... and companionship.
Won't you help me find a forever home of my very own by sharing my story?"

With hopeful purrs,

Cookie's available at All Creatures Small Animal Hospital in Overland Park, KS.



  1. Hello, Sweet Cookie! You are adorable, and we all know you'll find a furrever home soon! You look a lot like our Angel, who we call 'Cookie' as a nickname. Purrs to you!

  2. Hi Cookie! I'm sorry about your leg, and I hope you are feeling better from the surgery. Don't worry, lots of people adopt cats with three legs.

  3. Cookie, darling. Kitties with three-legs are precious and special. And to top it off, you are beautiful. We'll be praying that you have a new home really, really soon. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy.

  4. What a sweet girl you are, Cookie. I hope you find your home soon.

  5. I am sorry about your leg pretty girl. Harry the Farm cat has a hurt leg too. But he got to keep his. He was a very lucky cat.
    PS - yes I did mean to do that twice. Thank you very much

  6. Such a sweetie, I hope she gets a forever home soon.

  7. Sending purrs for you to get a home that will treasure you, Cookie ♥

  8. cookie....wavez two ewe gorgeouz frum de land oh trout; we R troo lee sorree ya had such a ruff start in life yet we R veree happee ewe R now in grate handz while waitin on yur
    foreverz purrson{s} ....we hope ewe R IN yur new home bye monthz end...sendin best best best fishez ♥♥♥♥♥

  9. Cookie you beautiful girl we are sending you tons of POTP and praying that someone sees what a special girl you are soon. Your furrever home is out there sweetie!

  10. Sweet Cookie! ♥ I pray that she gets a wonderful home to thrive and love forever.

  11. I will fur sure share your story & will cross my paws that you find the family & home of your dreams little Tuxedo lady. You are an inspiration, Cookie! Kisses.

  12. You're a beautiful and special girl. We hope the purrfect forever home comes soon.

    The Florida Furkids


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