Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Scary Halloween Tale

There once was an unassuming little vent, sitting in an unassuming little hole in the carpet.
The vent was ignored for the most part by the humans (who should have cleaned it better, or at least dusted it once in a while).

Along came an inquisitive little kitty, who felt sorry for the vent and decided to give it some love.

A lot of love.
Too much love.

In case you wondered how this tale ended...
let's just say that we returned home recently and could not find a certain Siamese.
After much searching, and a bit of yowling, we discovered the Perp.

INSIDE the duct.

And he could not get out on his own.

Please note: we do own bookcases, quite a few, in fact.
But when you visit, you'll find stacks of books holding down various vents throughout the house, since somekitty has a peculiar fascination with our ventilation system...and the agile paws to pull the vents out and go exploring.

(reenactment photos  ;-)

* * *  


  1. Oh noes! Dude! Back away from the vent! You could be lost forever in vent land!

  2. Oh heck. That must have been some exploration work. I'm glad there was a rescue team around to save you!

  3. Maxwell, you are going to get all dusty and stuffs...

  4. Maxwell.....back away from the vents and stop scaring the mommy

  5. Maxie, you need to find a safer place to go spelunking, my furr-iends. Thank the heavens that you weren't injured and that you used your voice to call for assistance. One time, Mom and Dad were touring the inside of a vintage house for sale with a realtor and they were surprised when the resident cat popped out of the floor heater vent! He acted as if it was his routine. Winks.

  6. dood.....deer cod in all de FSG haz thiz feer with
    de new kid in town....short oh gorilla gloo which mite knot smell
    two grate when de heets on; herz been wunderin how to keep em
    on de floor....we iz glad yur safe... N made bout KNOT
    doin THAT again.....what say ya !!!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  7. Something similar happened to Boodie once. She didn't totally fall into the duct, but she showed up with her white paws turned gray, and the humans knew what had happened. And this was just after my human's boyfriend said, "None of the cats are stupid enough to fall into the vent."

  8. Oh Maxie! There's nothing down there you want! There was an opossum in our vent a long, long time ago, and you definitely don't want to meet up with one of those.

  9. oh my thank goodness Maxie is ok!!! Maybe in a previous life Maxie worked in HVAC??? xoxo

  10. OMC. Maxie, we’re glad you were rescued. We bet you won’t try that again. (We have vents like that. The mom is getting the books.)

  11. Inside the duct? Isn't that an icky, dirty place?

  12. Yikes! Maxie, that is really scary. Please step away from the vents!

  13. I am glad my cats haven't figured out how to pull those up, or they are too lazy. Happy Halloween!

  14. Well, what do your peeps expect, Maxie, you *are* the science geek in your furmily, right? That means you have to explore things to determine their nature, etc...but don't get stuck!! MOL!


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