Monday, February 4, 2019

Exercise: the more-than-4-letter word

The mom: Hey, Allie.... You really should get up and exercise a bit. You know, burn off a few holiday calories.

Allie: You did not just say that to me, Mother. Move along, and we'll just pretend this never happened.

The Mom: but I have a wand toy....
Allie: Oh, well, in that case, bring it on!

The Mom: Um, Allie, you're supposed to chase after the toy. Not wait for it to come to you.

Allie: You do things your way, Mother, and I'll do things mine.

SO very hard to train....



  1. Allie, she's just lucky that you didn't give her a good whap for being so RUDE!

  2. That 4th photo really looks like Pilates to us!!! Good job, Allie!

    The Chans

  3. Maybe it is a gray and white cat thing. My cat bro Bert is chubby, and he loves to play, but lying down too! Gray and white sis Sophie won't even play at all!

  4. We can think of some 4-letter words though our Mom insists "nap" and "sleep" aren't some of them. Who made up English spelling anyway?

  5. Allie, you play the same way Boodie does!

  6. Those are great moves, like dynamic yoga, or pilates as The Chans said. Nicely done, Allie ! Purrs

  7. Allie, your moves are just pawsome! Ignore the nasty weight comments...

  8. Both ways work. Some days you chase the toy, other days you wait for it to come to you.

  9. My cats agree, Allie. If they can't reach it ... forget about it.


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