Friday, October 4, 2019

Questionable taste?

Faraday: Hey, Maxie! Did you hear? Mommy's scandalized over Allie's taste in movies.

Maxwell: Uh, dood. I think she said she was surprised is all.

Check it out. Here's the text Daddy sent to her.

Faraday: Look, Maxie, here's the EVIDENCE. Seriouslies incriminating, wouldn't you agree???


Allie: Don't judge.

I thought Animal House was a documentary on how cats domesticated humans.



  1. *shaking head in dismay*
    Oh, Allie! There are two bright spots, however: bare Donald Sutherland butt, and Kevin Bacon's first real movie role...LOL!

  2. Goodness Dad remembers that old chestnut. That has grown into a tree by now but is still a hoot

  3. Animal House is one of our favorite movies. Allie you are too funny with the documentary line. Thanks for the good laugh. Have a fantastic upcoming weekend.
    World of Animals

  4. Could be worse... she could be a fan of 1941!


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