Friday, October 25, 2019

This is Maxie's Brain...

Maxwell: What have we here? A little light reading?

Maxwell: Let's just see what pops is reading today....

Uhm-hmmm... *mutter*mutter*  Yes. Oh really....

*scoffing noise* Any cat could solve this problem. The connection between length and time?
Simple. The longer it takes for dinner to be served, the more slowly time passes.

It's all relative, really. Get it? Relativity?
Ahhh...I crack myself up....



  1. Maxie, you are a genius...but we humans know that our kitties are WAY smarter than we are! won't' spill the beans.

  2. You are surely a genius, Maxwell, which is why we think should get more rations, plus your own office. I am sure Mrs H is free to take dictation— on a daily hire rate. I mean a girl has to make some cash to fund her particle accelerator, right?

  3. I think you know all the important stuff, Maxie!

  4. Yes, we cats are very good at uncomplicating things that confuse Beings.

  5. you are furry good at solving those problems.

  6. If the world was run with you in charge no one would need any headache remedies! You have it all so simple and easy to understand:)

  7. Maxie we just saw "Thinking in Complexity" when Dad added his books to the Cat Library. It gets complex with 6 of us and a few treats fur sure MOL
    Love your Post Maxwell

  8. It's so easy to understand stuff like this with you, Maxwell ! You explain it so well ! Purrs

  9. And it is relatively simple for humans to feed us according to our schedules, but they seem to find it a difficult concept. Tee hee hee. Hugs.

  10. Of course you are a Brain, Maxxie! You inherited it from your Mom and Dad!


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