Friday, November 1, 2019

November already?

Maxwell: What's this I hear?

It's November already? Where has the year gone?

I'd best be about it, if I want to hit my annual nap quota. I think my game's been off this year due to the dearth of sun puddles....

We're closing in on nearly double the annual rainfall in our area. 
Has the year been wet where you live, too?



  1. It seems that Spring didn't start until 2 weeks before Summer, around here, and Autumn is quickly turning into Winter! Even with an extra hour this weekend, I am sure my napping quota is much too low too, Maxie.

  2. it wasn't too bad this summer, but all of a sudden yesterday was WAY cold and rainy....blech

  3. We're the opposite - it hasn't been wet enough!

  4. Prancie has been complaining of a lack of sun puddles too.

  5. Yes it has been wet and cold now with snow!

  6. We had some dry spells during the summer, but its been rather wet of late. and cold. Brrr, we had snow! Yikes.


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