Monday, November 11, 2019

Unwilling subject

Hey baby, come pose for Momma *cue shutter sounds*

Faraday: *sigh*  Seriouslies, Mommy, if you wanna take another photo of me, you know where I'll be....

... testing the airflow on the furnace vent.

(brrrrrz, is it cold where you are?)



  1. Dude, we are getting snow, snow, snow right now, then the temps are supposed to go low, low, low! Stay cozy, Faraday!

  2. It isnt very chilly in the Southwest corner of Colorado. You can come hang out here. Or curl up with your Mom.😉

  3. It's just barely chilly in the mornings here - during the day, it's still pretty warm!

  4. It's getting cold here too, we got our first frost this morning. Purrs

  5. It’s freezing here! And we got snow! Lots of it! I’m hanging out in front of the fire. ~Ernie

  6. Good idea Faraday. Dad just walked by the cat room and saw me sitting by the vent. Fur some reason my Ham-Mick is flipped over. I think it was Einstein and Toby chasing again. Sigh...

  7. Petcretary had to drive through all of that...UGH:(

    You sure have the best idea there, Faraday!


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