Monday, March 30, 2020

Two outlets and a Tonk

Faraday: *grumble* Who put this stuffs on the kitchen table, where I was gonna take my Monday nap?

Maxwell: Dood, sweet! Looks like someone's gonna do some electrical wiring!
That's fourteen gauge wire, unless I miss my guess.... And check it out! Two outlets and a GFCI.

Faraday: I'll GFC-YOU if you don't get this stuffs offa my table.
Seriouslies, Maxie, I'm not a Monday kinda kitty. You know these things.

The Mom: Let's talk about the fact you're on the kitchen table to begin with, why don't we?

Faraday: *stink-eye* Suuuuure, Mommy.
Soon's you set down that camera.

I can tell what a huge priority it is for you an' stuffs.

Maxwell: Dood. Burnnnnnn.

Is it Tuesday yet?



  1. I'd just back away from Faraday very slowly...

  2. You are clever kitties. Mine could never rewire anything.

  3. Mum would never try to rewire anything. Well, maybe a lamp.

  4. How did Maxie learn about all that stuff?!

  5. We're amazed by your science, Maxwell ! Purrs

  6. Dont touch any wire unless you can see both ends of it not connected to annything! Not sayin WE ever did, but TBT has had issues with wires...

  7. Now those are 'helpful' kitties - they know electrical stuff!

  8. Hmmm, maybe something being rewired in the bathroom? Since that is A ground-fault circuit interrupter we have one in our bathroom...

    Best not mess with it, Faraday...Just find another place to don't want to make the project peep annoyed...and Max, you would make a good teacher for where pawppy works, they need some new electricians in there due to retirements...but you's have to wait until the country is out of confinement...shessh...

  9. Hmmm, I'm thinking none of those really belong on the kitchen table. At least one of them is really handsome!


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