Monday, May 25, 2020

COVID Lockdown Woes

Allie: So, boys, what do you think of this lockdown, now that we're almost two months into it?

Maxwell: Well, I believe social distancing is just the responsible thing to do.
Allie: *sigh* I've been telling Faraday that for the past decade, Maxie.
Faraday: (from off-screen) I HEARD THAT, ALLIE!

Maxwell: It's getting to him, you know. He might just crack under all this pressure.
You know, having Mama around 24/7.

Allie: Oh, bother. If that happens, we'll have a Brat In Meltdown on our paws.

That could get messy, Maxie.

Faraday: Messy? Messy?
Having peoples around alla time is interfering wif your naps toos, Allie, an' you knows it.

Faraday: I thinks I need a break from all this human-ing.
Anybuddy wanna figure out this covid cure thingy, like, nows?

The Mom:  We went flying a few weeks ago and were the only ones in the airspace of a major midwest airport. It was surreal, seeing all of the Delta airplanes, parked on the runway....

Almost 100 planes, off my left wing....

We know these are tough times. 
Stay strong – you're not alone!

~ Purrs from Maxie, Allie, and The Brat ~



  1. All of the Eastside Cats seem to enjoy having more pets, play, and human bodies to use as their purrsonal beddies!
    The Hubby...not so much! Thank goodness the temps are warm enough for one or the other of the humans can go outside...

  2. I feel awful that so many have died, but I like the lockdown part.

  3. Wow, all those planes on the ground. Amazing!

  4. I am so glad I am an only cat. I don't have to be socially distant from mum.

  5. Quiet airports look so weird ! Purrs

  6. Wow, all those planes on the ground. I bet it was good to get up in the air, though!

  7. I'm enjoying that my Mom & Dad must work from home and I'll miss having them here when they have to go back to the office.

  8. So wild to see all those Delta planes on the ground. Gracie and Ava seem to be okay with the socially distancing thing. At least as far as we know.

  9. Lockdown is driving the peeps here kind of crazy a wee bit anyways...though I Pipo enjoy not being alone...and those other hooligans here, well they LOVE the peeps to be around!


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