Wednesday, June 10, 2020

A wand toy stalker

Maxwell: Uh, don't look now, Allie, but we have a stalker....

It's that blue wand toy from Monday.

Allie: Well, don't just sniff it, Maxie. Play with it.

Maxwell: Hey wand toy, you wanna play? Wait, are you defying gravity? How are you standing up on end like that? Maybe this deserves further study....

Allie: *sigh* Maxwell, you're hopeless.

Maxwell: But inquisitive. Hopeless, but inquisitive. Right, mister wand toy?
Uhh, you're getting a bit close there, buddy. Wanna back off a bit?



  1. Stay curious, Maxie! Don't let Allie's opinion change one thing about you!

  2. Hey Maxie, so you don't do the wand toy thing, you look cute not doing it - MOL!

  3. Don't worry, Maxie. I'm that way with toys too, more often than not.

  4. Whap at it,Maxie! Put a bitey on it!! Tell it who is the boss!


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