Monday, August 17, 2020

Phone Post #2

The Mom is busy chasing two hot book deadlines that are coming up in September,...
An' she's kinda mad wif the new Blogger interface...
So she's protesting it by dropping unedited phone pics onna blog for the next few weeks. 

Purrsonally, we think that violates Article XVII, Section 65, paragraph B in the Feline Articles of Cat-stitution.
What do you think?
• • •

Day 7 of our Protest:

Faraday: Oh, it's you again, Mommy. Canz you stop typing long enough to take me for a walk?
The Mom: No, baby. You snuck out here without permission — or a leash. You're going right back inside after I snap this cute pic.

Faraday: That's jus' meeeeean.


* * *


  1. Your mom is such a disciplinarian! Great pic, even if it is unedited.

  2. Gotta follow the rules ... what am I saying, you're a CAT - MOL!

  3. My human would make me go inside and not even take a photo first if I did that! So count your blessings, Faraday.

  4. dood....pleez N thanx... N joy sum knot spozed ta bee out doorz... for uz... time :)

  5. Oh Faraday, you are hard to resist..except to a mom who does NOT want you outside without supervision. It IS for your best good.

  6. You can visit us and hang out in the cat yard Faraday. No leash required

  7. Wow, she's tough, Faraday! But yeah, you gotta wear a leash!


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