Monday, August 10, 2020

Phone Post #1

The Mom is busy chasing two hot book deadlines that are coming up in September,...
An' she's kinda mad wif the new Blogger interface...
So she's protesting it by dropping unedited phone pics onna blog for the next few weeks. 

Purrsonally, we think that violates Article XVII, Section 65, paragraph B in the Feline Articles of Cat-stitution.
What do you think?
• • •

Day 1 of our Protest:

Faraday: Mommy, I needs in your lap.
The Mom: I'm sorry, baby, but I'm writing right now. Can it wait until later?

Faraday:  ... No.


* * *


  1. You can still use the 'legacy' Blogger; I am!
    Faraday, a job well done.

  2. Good for you, Faraday! The new blogger isn't all that impressive, in my opinion.

  3. In the first photo, the grooves down your neck furs are very interesting.

  4. We knew she couldn’t say no to you, Faraday.

  5. How silly - she should know you can't say no to a kitty!


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