Monday, February 15, 2021

Record Breaking Mews?

Maxwell: Mo-o-m-m-m-m! It's MINUS FIFTEEN DEGREES OUTSIDE.

Faraday: Seriouslies, Maxie, can you hold it down? Some of us are trying to ignore the Mondays over here.

Maxwell: But dood, it's, like, record breaking cold with wind chills of—

Allie: Maxie, do we look like we care?

 Maxwell: *sigh-h-h*   

The Mom: It's tough being the smart kitty in the family, isn't it dood?

Maxwell: Momma, you have no idea....

We heard it was snowing in HOUSTON today of all places! 

Craaaazy weather! What's it like where you are?

* * *


  1. You heard right. Woke up to 16° and snow in Houston this morning.

  2. Right now it's 16 degrees F; feels like 3.
    Snow has been falling on and off all day, and we are expecting serious inches of the stuff overnight.
    And the temps are going to FALL!

  3. We're getting a foot tomorrow! You kitties are lucky you don't have to worry about such things...except for Maxie, of course.

  4. We are having a mild winter here on the West Coast, at least so far.

  5. We’re getting a ton of snow tonight!

  6. That is cold, glad you are safe and warm. XO

  7. It's cray cray here, too! We have lots of snow on the ground, and more on the way. Stay warm!

  8. We got a good dump of the white stuff overnight, and now the bottom is dropping out in the Temp zone. Forecasted to get down to -11F...Brrr!


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