Saturday, June 25, 2011

The MANCAT Cave!!! (and our blog's NEW look!)

         We looooove Laundry Day, 'cuz Mommy makes us our VERY own MANCAT Cave.
          YES! It's PAWEsome! We loves to hide & pounce & stalk Allie from inside it.
           And gurlz are NOT allowed! (that means YOU Allie!)

          *SNIFF* I don't want to be in your stinky ol' cave ANYway (*sniff*sniff* and I do mean that literally)



  1. Nice Mancat Cave! And I do enjoy your new blog look :)

    Happy Saturday!

  2. FaRADaY: Fanks U! It was ALL my idea. Rilly. *dodges Maxwell's paw*


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