Sunday, October 16, 2011

Puppy Mills: how one Missouri shelter is fighting back, part 2

Yesterday, we participated in the national Blog the Change for Animals event focused on puppy mills in America. Specifically, the goal is to bring enough pressure to bear on PetLand USA that they agree to stop selling puppy mill animals in their stores.

A petition, hosted by, is available for you to sign, and all bloggers participating in the event were given media coverage in's media announcement promoting the event.

To date, response to puppy mills has been lackluster - in part, we think because of a lack of education on the horrors surrounding the issue.

So we decided to profile one agency that has partnered with the ASPCA and state government offices to be a rescue resource when puppy mills are raided or breeders are cited with regulation infractions.

Yesterday, we talked with Sarah Little, Manager of Admissions and Animal Healthcare at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City. She spoke about the medical issues often seen in puppy mill animals.

Today, we feature an interview with Kathy Basset, Wayside Waif's Canine Advocate. Kathy talks about the emotional trauma inflicted by puppy mills. The interview is  four and a half minutes long - and we hope you find it as educational as we did:


Tell PetLand you don't want them to sell Puppy Mill dogs! SIGN the petition!


  1. Good interview. Kathy's description perfectly describes how my Daisy was when I first met her. She also was terrified as soon as I entered the kennel or took her out of the kennel. But, as soon as she was back in and the door was shut, she would jump at the door and bark and wag her tail. I had never heard it described before, so it's interesting to hear someone else describe it. It never occurred to me that it was because all she knew was being in a cage thus she was most comfortable when she was in one. It also probably explains why she prefers to stay in her kennel when she's not outside or on the couch with me. Thanks for enlightening me!

  2. So true. Thank you for posting this! We will go sign the petition now.

  3. Fabulous interview - how enlightening to hear Sarah talk about what these dogs experience after puppy mill life. Best wishes to Wayside Waifs - we appreciate the wonderful work they do!

    Thank you for blogging the change for animals!
    Kim Thomas


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