Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gramma's Visit

We got to meet our Gramma an' Grampa over Labor Day!
(HIGHPAW! They give GOOD scritches!)
Anyway, I decided it was my turn to blog, so I grabbed Momma's camera and did a little Investigate Reporting while they were here. (Unca Ryker'd be proud)

This is what I saw:

Gramma decided we all needed to learn to use toothbrushes, and she even tried convincing Allie that a PINK toothbrush was stylish and would complement her collar and toenails nicely.

Momma called that a FAIL. Especially when Allie refused to open her mouth. No matter how hard Gramma tried.

Of course Faraday saw the Whole Thing, and so when Gramma picked HIM up next...

But by then, she'd already given up on toothbrushes (what a relief, since I was third in line!).
Check out that smarmy smirk on my brofur's face. Hmpf. Mebbe I need to put the bitey on him more often....

yeahhhhhh, Gramma Scritches! Now THAT's what I'm talking about!


  1. Great Bloggy...Maxwell xxx SUPER PICS

  2. oMC - We're laughing so hard over here that M can hardly type. The exspressions on the faces are priceless!

  3. They look like the gram-humans were lots of fun, at least after the toothbrushes got ditched!

  4. FaRADaY: of course if MAXIE had let Gramma brush his teefs, mebbe he'd a kept them all! *snicker*

  5. MOL. Love this post! Faraday got SO lucky. :)

  6. You have a wonderful Gramma and it looks like she's really good at giving kitty cradle hugs. But I'm not so sure about that big toothbrush. Maybe your gramma can teach ours to hold us. Our gramma pets us, but she's not comfortable holding us.


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